Organised by Pastors Seminar and Fellowship


Rev. Dr.
Billy Graham
once said that
the next major
move of God
is in the

This conference examines the relationship between the Kingdom, the Church, and the Marketplace.
How do these three major components of God’s economy work together?
How do they interact with each other?

What is the role of the Christian in the marketplace?
How can one effectively live out our faith in the marketplace?
How should we point others to the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Speaker: Ps Benny Ho

Pastor Benny Ho has seen a lifetime of ministry; including missions work with World Vision, planting bible schools around Asia, and over twenty years as a pastor in the local church.  

He is the founder of Arrows College, a teaching and resource ministry to the broader body of Christ, and is the leader of D-Net, a network of churches that carry the mandate of disciple-making and church-planting.  Pastor Benny is passionate about expository preaching and has a life goal of preaching through every book of the Bible.


报名截止日期: 14 April 2023