Certificate of
Church Ministry

Jul-Dec 2023 Modules



For God So Loved the World - the doctrine of God and Creation

This introductory systematic theology course examines the doctrines of God and Scripture from biblical, historical, and contextual perspectives. Through this course, participants can expect to gain a greater understanding of who/what God is and a more biblically grounded understanding of creation, and the relationship between the church and creation care.



Justin Lee is Assistant Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology at Singapore Bible College. He joined the faculty of SBC in 2019. Originally from Los Angeles, Justin is a Korean American and has served in Korean diaspora churches around the world. His research interests are in the area of the church fathers and Asian theology. He enjoys nature walks, good coffee and good food, travelling, and playing sports with the SBC community.



4 Chair Discipling – Growing a Movement of Disciple-Makers

When we study the life of Christ, we discover that Jesus has a clear strategy through four distinct stages of disciple-making. Which chair are you in? How do you move to the next chair? How did Jesus make disciples who make disciples? Learn His Model, Mission, Motive, and Method.  You were made to bear much fruit! Target Audience: lay leaders and active church members. Pastors and full-time staff are also welcome.


Rev. Richard Wong

Rev. Richard Wong was the former Senior Pastor of Singapore Christian Canaan Church for 27 years. He is now serving as the Executive Director of Intentional Disciplemaking Network (IDN). Richard trains and coaches pastors and leaders in Asia on Disciplemaking.



Emotional Intelligence for Church Leaders and Ministers serving members

A high emotional intelligence (EI/EQ) facilitates personal growth in spiritual maturity, more effective relationships with others including greater empathy and the ability to resolve conflicts, team-building and group dynamics, helps reduce stress and anxiety, enhances self-worth, promotes and improves mental well-being and resilience. Insights from the Bible and from Christian counselling will prepare students to become even more effective as leaders and ministers of the Gospel with a greater capacity to help others.


Dr. Ming SooHoo

Dr. Ming SooHoo is a missionary serving as a senior counsellor at Serving in Mission (SIM) for member care and the Haven Counselling Centre for students and general public. She graduated with EdD in Clinical Christian Counselling, AGST and MA in Counselling, SBC. She specializes in crisis and trauma counselling and couples counselling. She frequently lectures and conducts seminars/workshops on various topics related to emotional health. Her research focuses on emotional intelligence in relation to stress and well-being.



Small Group Ministry

There are so many words and terms for small groups and small group ministry in the church. Sometimes they are rather confusing. This course helps to clarify the terms and purposes of small groups and the small group ministry. It provides the foundations and workable models for pastors and leaders who desire to successfully lead their small groups and small group ministry in the church.


Rev. Dr. Jerry Goh

Rev. Dr. Jerry Goh is the English Congregation Pastor of the Singapore Thomson Road Baptist Church. He has pastored in four churches in Singapore for more than 30 years, In one church, he grew the small group ministry from 23 to 46 groups. In another, he closed the 4 struggling small groups and restarted 10 new groups under trained and capable leaders. In another church, he grew the small group ministry from 29 to 92 groups. He is a disciple of Jesus Christ at heart and desires to incorporate the elements of discipleship and disciple-making in his small group leaders’ training sessions.



Supporting Others in Challenging Times

This course aims to explore the nature of helping relationships in times of crisis and challenges, how to help and journey with others during difficult times. It provides a practical framework for providing personal, emotional and spiritual support through intentional acts of compassion and care. It will help participants develop the knowledge and skills necessary to support others within and outside of the church community.


Rev. Dr. Chang Chian Hui

Rev. Dr. Chang Chian Hui is an Associate Professor of Practical Theology at Singapore Bible College. He has extensive experience in pastoral ministry, having served for over 30 years in that role. Additionally, he has worked as the Executive Director and Counsellor at the Youth and Family Counselling Center.


The Certificate in Church Ministry is designed to equip lay ministry leaders and members with the knowledge & skills for service in the churches.


Module Expectations


  1. 周制 (例如, 每周两小时, 从傍晚七点半至九点半) 或
  2. 密集制 (例如, 四个周末, 每周4小时, 从早上九点至下午一点)

注解:: Module commencement is subjected to a minimum class size of 10


Module commencement is subjected to a minimum class size of 8


To graduate with the Certificate of Church Ministry (CCM), students need to

  1. Complete six modules, three core and three elective modules
  2. Achieve 75% attendance in each of the six modules

Entry Requirements

Applicants should

  1. be a born-again Christian and member of good standing in his/ her church
  2. fulfill the module pre-requisites if any 

Applicants may also register for any module without having to enrol in the CCM programme


  1. This programme is open to Singaporeans, Permanent Residents and those with valid residency pass in Singapore.
  2. For courses taught online, students taking modules only need not be residing in Singapore.


The fees (inclusive of 8% GST) are as follow

  • Fee per Module: S$108.00
  • One-time Application fee: S$ 21.60


Registration is confirmed only after payment of fees, please make payment upon registration

  • There will be no refund once the module commences
  • SBC student, alumni & fulltime staff will enjoy a 50% discount off module fee
  • Part time staff, spouse of faculty/staff/student/alumni will enjoy a 25% discount off module fee

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