Master of Church Music in Composition

This 60-credit-hour programme is designed to provide advanced training in composition for the Bachelor of [Church] Music degree holders, to equip them to be composers and arrangers, music and worship pastors as well as church music educators.

The MCM in Composition programme requires four semesters of fulltime study to complete. It must be completed within three years from the time of admission.

An additional two semesters will be required for those without the 30-credit-hour core theology and counselling courses. Students in this category must complete their studies within four years from the time of admission.

Prerequisites for Programme Admission

Academic Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized (with applied music major) university or seminary
  • 30 hours of the required SCM core theology courses from an ATA-accredited seminary. Those without these courses will be required an additional year of study.
  • DVD recording of a recital within the last three years of application or of ABRSM (or equivalent) Grade 5 pieces (visit for more information, availability in your country, and equivalence)
  • DVD recordings and scores of your:
    1. Arrangement of a hymn for solo voice and piano
    2. Instrumental arrangement of a contemporary Christian song
    3. Original choral composition

English Language Minimum Requirements

  • TOEFL: 550 (PBT)/213 (CBT)/80 (IBT)
  • IELTS:  6.0

General Requirements

  • At least 24 years of age
  • Baptized Christian of at least four years
  • Music and/or worship ministry experience of at least two years


  • Completion of all credit hours of studies as required by the school
  • Meet the minimum GPA as required
  • Approved Christian character
  • The applicant will require to take placement exams in music theory, music history and basic musicianship.
  • The applicant will require to take additional BCM-level courses should one fail in certain courses/fields of studies.

CORE COURSES (30 credit hours)

Course Title 数学分
Theology of Worship 3
Church Music Administration and Leadership 3
Creative Services 2
Creative Arts, Music and Culture 3
Theological-Musical Analysis 3
Perspectives in Congregational Song 2
Choral Arrangement and Songwriting 2
Pastoral Leadership Through Music 2
Preaching Through Music 2
Music Research Writing 1-2 2
SBC Chorale/Canticorum 1-4 4
Performance Laboratory 1-4 -
Field Education 1-4 2
Comprehensive Examinations -
Total Credit Hours 30

COMPOSITION COURSES (31 credit hours)

Course Title 数学分
MCM Composition 1-4 8
Choral Literature Survey 1-4 4
Conducting Laboratory Choir 1-4 -
Arranging for Worship Teams 2
Advanced Choral Arrangement 3
Advanced Orchestration 2
Contemporary Techniques in Composition 3
Non-Western Musical Composition 2
Choral Conducting 2
Instrumental Methods 1
Instrumental Conducting 1
Final Project: Composition Thesis and Recital 3
Total Credit Hours 31

CORE THEOLOGY COURSES (30 credit hours)

An additional 2 semesters (30 credit hours) of core theology and counselling courses (English or Chinese) are required for those who do not fulfill the theology entry requirements.


Course Title 数学分
Old Testament Survey 3
New Testament Survey 3
Research and Writing Skills 3
Spiritual Formation 3
研经法 3
Doctrine 1-2 6
Principles of Christian Education 3
Pastoral Counseling 3
牧养事工 3
Total Credit Hours 30


Course Title 数学分
旧约纵览 / 信息 3
新约纵览 / 信息 3
研经法 3
治学法入门 1
神学概论 2
基督教教育 2
宣讲技巧 2
选修科目(华文神学系主任批准) 14
Total Credit Hours 30


在新神,我们会采取混成式学习(blended learning)的模式,即兼用实体和在线的各种平台,来设计各式各样的同步与非同步学习活动,以此建立我们的群体。因此,学生将会从各类面对面与在线学习活动中,在新神体验到更丰富的学习。