Certificate of Church Ministry (CCM)


As part of the college’s ongoing commitment to meet the growing need for lay leaders to be equipped with the necessary ethos and skills to minister effectively in church, CSL will be launching the Certificate of Church Ministry (CCM) initiative.

CCM is an evolution of our current Centre for Continuing Theological Education (CCTE), and it aims to provide knowledge, skill and attitude that are contextually relevant to church ministries today. Church ministry leaders who are seeking to deepen and strengthen their level of preparedness can expect CCM courses to be church-oriented as they will be conducted by seasoned practitioner-theologians, who are actively engaged in churches/para-church organizations or are current Faculty members.

CCM Semester

Semester 1: January to May 2020

Semester 2: July to November 2020

Module Expectation

Each module lasts 24 hours, spreading over either

a) Weekly basis (e.g. meeting 2 hours weekly, from 7.30-9.30pm) or
b) Intensive basis (e.g. 4 Saturdays, meeting 6 hours weekly, from 9am to 4pm)

Note: Module commencement is subjected to a minimum class size of 10.

(5 Modules)

SBC's inaugural Certificate of Church Ministry based on SBC's Core Values

Now open for enrolment!

Graduation Requirements

Students are required to complete 4 modules, which consist of 2 core and 2 elective modules, to be awarded a Certificate of Church Ministry and attend a graduation ceremony in November. Programme students may only be absent for up to 4 hours per module.
Students who meet the 80% attendance criteria will be awarded with a Certificate of Attendance from the Centre for Servant Leaders.

Entry Requirements

To be admitted to the CCM, the candidate should have the following:

  1. be a born-again Christian and member of good standing in his/ her church
  2. have lay ministry and leadership experience (preferred)
  3. have minimum of N / O levels or equivalent
  4. fulfill the module pre-requisites if any

Applicants may enrol in a certificate programme at the start.
Applicants may also enrol in any module without having to enrol in a certificate programme.

Note: This programme is open to Singaporeans, Permanent Residents and those with valid residency pass in Singapore.

Programme Fees

  • Fee per E-Module: S$149.80
  • Fee per Module: S$256.80
  • One-time Application fee: S$ 32.10
  • One-time Programme enrolment fee: S$ 74.90

Total Programme fee (4 modules): S$920.20

All fees paid are non-refundable.

There will be no refund once the module commences.

  • SBC alumni & full time SBC staff will enjoy a 50% discount off Module fee.
  • Part time staff, spouse of faculty/staff/student/alumni will enjoy a 25% discount off Module fee.

Mode of Payment

a. By Cheque:

  1. Issue the cheque to ‘Singapore Bible College Limited’.
  2. Indicate the ‘CCM module/s & applicant’s name’ behind the cheque.
  3. Mail it to “Centre for Servant Leaders – CCM, 9-15 Adam Road Singapore 289886.


b. By Cash:
Please make the payment at Singapore Bible College Cashier during office hours: Mondays to Fridays 9.30am – 4.30pm.

c. By Bank Transfer:

  1. Please snapshot an image of the successful payment receipt and email to us in order to match your payment with our bank statement. Do indicate your name/mobile# in the initial section.

    Singapore Bible College Limited

    United Overseas Bank Ltd.     
    A/C no. 451-308-703-3


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