Helix Centre

for Integrative Research and Advancement seeks to deepen Christians’ understanding of God’s truths. It does o by promoting a research culture which is multi-disciplinary in its approach, so as to provide a holistic theological framework for church ministries and missions in and beyond Asia. 

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Mosaic is SBC's monthly podcast about theology and theologising in Singapore, Asia, and beyond. Through expert interviews and lively conversations, we highlight theological voices and issues from around the Asian continent to assemble a beautiful and multifaceted portrait of God's work in Asia today.

Launched 24 March 2022

Reading the Gospels

In this episode, Dr Andrew Ollerton speaks to Dr Chee-Chiew Lee about the experience of reading the four different Gospel perspectives.

Confucius and Proverbs

Speaker: Rev. Dr. Samuel Goh
Topic: Sabbath
SBC Helix Project April 2019

Integrative Approach to Shame

Speaker: Dr. Val Gonzales
Topic: Sabbath
SBC Helix Project April 2019

Preaching Wisdom Psalms

Speaker: Dr. Peter Ho
Topic: Sabbath
SBC Helix Project April 2019

Mind Your Mind Wisdom in Paul's Ethics

Speaker: Rev. Dr. Elijah Liang
Topic: Sabbath
SBC Helix Project Mar 2019