Helix Centre

for Integrative Research and Advancement seeks to deepen Christians’ understanding of God’s truths. It does o by promoting a research culture which is multi-disciplinary in its approach, so as to provide a holistic theological framework for church ministries and missions in and beyond Asia. 

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Mosaic is a podcast about theology and theologising in Singapore, Asia, and beyond. Through expert interviews and lively conversations, we highlight theological voices and issues from around the Asian continent to assemble a beautiful and multifaceted portrait of how God is working theologically in Asia today. Mosaic is a production of Singapore Bible College.

Launched 24 March 2022

Reading the Gospels

In this episode, Dr Andrew Ollerton speaks to Dr Chee-Chiew Lee about the experience of reading the four different Gospel perspectives.

Confucius and Proverbs

Speaker: Rev. Dr. Samuel Goh
Topic: Sabbath
SBC Helix Project April 2019

Integrative Approach to Shame

Speaker: Dr. Val Gonzales
Topic: Sabbath
SBC Helix Project April 2019

Preaching Wisdom Psalms

Speaker: Dr. Peter Ho
Topic: Sabbath
SBC Helix Project April 2019

Mind Your Mind Wisdom in Paul's Ethics

Speaker: Rev. Dr. Elijah Liang
Topic: Sabbath
SBC Helix Project Mar 2019