Advanced Studies Special Lecture (Zoom)

The Macrostructural Design
of the Psalter:
An Unfurling of
the Davidic Covenant

English lecture with Chinese interpretation.

The search for a principle to unite the 150 psalms has gone on for more than seventeen centuries. Although renewed efforts in this search from the 1980s have yielded important results, Psalms scholarship has yet to reach a consensus. Crystalized from a more extensive work of mine, The Design of the Psalter: A Macrostructural Analysis, this presentation explores how the entire Psalter is designed, explains why it is coherent as a whole, and opens up a new paradigm to understand the Psalms.


Dr. Peter Ho

Dr. Peter Ho holds a PhD degree from the University of Gloucestershire, UK and an MDiv (2012) degree from Singapore Bible College (SBC). He joined the faculty of SBC in 2017 and is currently Associate Professor of Old Testament at the School of Theology (English).


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Registration deadline: 19 Feb 2023 (Sunday)