Leaving a Legacy

Your giving helps SBC to accomplish her mission to glorify God by training faithful servants of Jesus Christ to edify the body of Christ and to make disciples of all nations.

Purpose-driven. Significance. Eternity. Words rich with meaning but brandished so casually. We all have a God-given desire that, on this side of heaven, our lives can impact the other side of heaven. We want to bequeath a legacy: one that extends beyond me, myself and I; one that extends beyond our lifetime; one that pleases God and is approved by man (Romans 14:18).

The late Dr James D. Douglas (ex-lecturer, SOTE),
bequeathed a sum of £$25,000 (about S$70,000) to SBC library.
We deeply appreciate Dr Douglas' fervent support of
theological education and his love for SBC.
Pray for us, issue 186
February 2004

Yet how does one leave behind such a legacy? First, you have to act in the land of the living. Just as eternal life does not commence when we die, we need to begin planning and investing in our legacy now. Second, you have to seek God’s will and more importantly His kingdom. “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Matthew 6:21). As we invest our treasure that builds God’s kingdom, we know our hearts will be beating with the things that are on His heart. Third, you have to be committed to grow your legacy. This requires eyes of faith as the full impact of a legacy extends beyond one’s lifetime. However we have a role and responsibility to actively partner the beneficiaries of our legacy. This goes beyond dollars and cents. We need to pray and care for them.

SBC’s Legacy Fund fulfills all these criteria. SBC’s mission is to glorify God by training faithful servants of Jesus Christ. As an international organization, the beneficiaries of SBCs Legacy Fund come from 25 nations and serve in 40 nations. For the past 55 years, SBC is privileged to train and equip over 2,000 faithful men and women for the edification of the church and the urgent evangelisation of the unreached. As an inter-denominational Bible college, we endeavour to provide holistic training to meet the needs of the present-day church amidst the challenges of a globalised world. By learning from each other, our students can gain a deeper and broader appreciation of our Christian heritage and contemporary practice. Different strokes for different people. Thus, SBC is not a cookie-cutter institution but one that encourages students to be creative thinkers.

......Every year at graduation in SBC students received a
book gift from the John Willis Book Gift Trust Fund,
while Rev John Willis was alive. After his death, he left all
his money, over S$240,000, to set up a scholarship fund for
needy students in SBC. Rev John Willis, who never owned a
car or bought a house, who walked or traveled by bus
to visit members and strangers, who wore a shirt that
had been washed so thin that the colour of his body blended
with the blue of his shirt, left his love to SBC.
Rev Dr Michael Shen
Pray For Us, Issue 194

Today, the world is besotted with inter-faith dialogues and religious tolerance. While the world proclaims all roads lead to Rome, SBC maintains Jesus is the only way to God (John 14:6). The world preaches cheap grace and infinite chances; SBC declares a gracious and just God who demands judgment (Hebrews 9:27). SBC is passionate and committed to train God’s servants to be effective and faithful communicators of the whole gospel of Christ. Anything less will not meet the world’s needs. Anything less will not leave an eternal difference and impact. Most importantly, anything less is not befitting of a legacy we bequeath for His glory and pleasure.

Purpose-driven. Significant. Eternal. Words which aptly describe SBC’s legacy that seeks to invest in people who make a difference. Participate in SBC’s Legacy Fund so that your bequest today will have an impact on the eternal tomorrow.

Since the establishment of the College, God has brought many faithful and godly leaders to lead SBC to achieve excellence in theological education. Among them is Dr Maak Hay Chun who joined SBC in 1975 and became the 4th Principal from 1979 to 1992.

Dr & Mrs Maak have served the Lord for more than 60 years in missions and church planting, theological education and pastoral ministry, CCCOWE (Chinese Coordination Centre of World Evangelism), and other ministries. They are well respected and loved by many around the world.

In honor of Dr & Mrs Maak’s significant contribution to God’s ministry and on the occasion of their 80th birthdays, SBC is pleased to establish the “Dr & Mrs Maak Hay Chun Endowment Fund for Theological Education.” This fund will enable SBC to continue to train faithful servants of Jesus Christ to bless His church. We sincerely invite you to give generously to honor these faithful servants of God.

For more information, please write to giving@sbc.edu.sg

For more than 55 years, SBC has been equipping and preparing thousands of men and women from over 30 nations for the ministry. Established as a tuition-free institution, the founders believed that everyone should be given equal opportunity to be trained. Since then, students and staff have exercised faith, trusting God to provide for the every need of the College. Changes to government regulations required SBC to impose nominal tuition fees, but this has not changed its faith tradition. Today, tuition fees contribute to only 20% of finances required and the College continues to trust God to provide what is needed.

After prayerful consideration, the College has decided to establish its first ever endowment fund – the E.N. Poulson Endowment Fund – to meet the growing needs of the College, provide scholarships, pay salaries, add library books and more. The fund also honours the School of Theology, English’s (SOTE’s) founding Dean, Rev Dr E.N. Poulson, affectionately known as “Dr P”. He came to SBC in 1953 when the College was still only a vision. He started SOTE in 1958 and served the College 36 years, leaving a profound imprint in the lives of many through his love for God and the teaching of His Word. Dr Poulson has rested in the Lord on 13th October 2017.

We invite you to join us to continue the work of preparing men and women for the Gospel ministry and honour this faithful servant of God.

For more information, please write to cdo@sbc.edu.sg

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