ThM Special Lecture

Some reflections on Max Scheler’s Philosophical Anthropology and its Theological Implications

Being the founder of Philosophical Anthropology, the forerunner of Sociology of Knowledge, and a Phenomenologist of Formal Ethics, Max Scheler and his thought contributions in the early 20th century is beyond reproach.  This lecture attempts to introduce and explore Scheler’s philosophical anthropology, in the hope that a genuine dialogue between theological and philosophical anthropology can be feasibly achieved.


25/2/2019 (Monday)


14:00 – 16:00


Lecture Theatre
(Block 3 basement)


Rev. Dr. Liew
Yoo Kiang

Dr. Liew served as Director of the Christian Education Research Centre (1995-1999) at Trinity Theological College (TTC). He was also formerly a full-time lecturer of TCA college (2000-2009, teaching courses on theology, sociology and post-modernity); and TTC (2010-2014, teaching courses such as, Asian Theology, Christian Ethics and Gospel, Culture and Society courses etc. Dr. Liew has been a guest lecturer at TTC since 2015, and also a part-time associate minister of the Singapore Life Church since 2017.

No registration needed  •  English interpretation provided

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