15 September 2022

9.00am — 3.20pm


Mission of SBC

To glorify God by training faithful servants of Jesus Christ to edify the body of Christ and to make disciples of all nations

SBC Open House is designed for prospective students who see the need to be equipped for Christian ministry. If you are wrestling with discerning God’s call in your life and deciding on whether you should undergo theological training, this Open House is for you!

Programme Highlights

Testimonies and Introduction to SBC Programmes

Trial Classes

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed church operations and community life drastically. Despite the easing of measures, things will never be the same.

We not only have to adapt to the new norm in our lives, but also the way we do church and engage believers and non-believers alike. With everything increasingly digitised, how can leaders help members to continue to be Biblically grounded, yet able to engage with differing viewpoints amicably; or to regain hope, and be vibrant and contagious in their faith?

Perhaps you are thinking, “How should the church go from here?” or  “How can I contribute to the greater work of God?”

One way is through a holistic theological training at Singapore Bible College that is Christ-centred, Bible-based, Church-oriented, Missions-directed and Context-relevant. Come join our Open House to find out more about seminary training!  May God’s kingdom come and His will be done in your life!

If you are keen to explore God’s calling in your life, please register online with us by 07 September 2022. For enquiries, you may also drop us an email at

We look forward to meeting you on campus.

Trial Classes

2.30 – 3.20pm


教会历史旨在介绍基督教会自第一世纪至今两千多年的历史发展。教会历史(二)范围自主后16世纪至20世纪,内容先介绍改革运动前后大公教会的神学发展及基督新教的力图革新,后探讨近现代(modern)至当代(contemporary)的欧美历史脉络中, 基督新教教会的宗派形成、神学发展、社会改革、海外宣教,以至“西方基督宗教”(Western Christianity)与“世界基督宗教”(World Christianity)彼落此起的趋势。藉由观看教会历史由古至今、自西徂东(甚至北风南渐),华人新教基督徒应能更加掌握自身身分,进而寻索教会前路。

9.10 – 10.00am

Introduction to Christian Spirituality

This course seeks to explore one’s relationship with God through Christian spirituality, referring “to a relationship with God as lived in practice, as dynamics are formulated as explored through formal study” (Evan Howard). Students will examine relationship with God in the context of the challenges of today’s world. Students will develop a healthy approach to relating to God for Christian life and ministry.

9.10 – 10.00am

Diaspora Missiology

This course seeks to acquaint students with the phenomenon of global people movements. It examines the pull and push factors behind these movements as well as biblical-theological responses to the spiritual, social, economic, and political conditions which have arisen. It introduces students to the emerging field of diaspora missiology and invites students to explore practical Christian responses to these current ground level realities.

2.30 – 3.20pm

New Testament Studies I

This course is a study of the Gospels and how each evangelist shaped his writing to meet the needs of his readers. Emphasis will be given to the text and theological message of Matthew and Luke-Acts and their authors’ literary and rhetorical techniques and use of the Old Testament. The English text is used in class, as knowledge of Greek is not required. Prerequisite: New Testament Foundations.

2.30 – 3.20pm

Pastoral Theology & Ministry

This course is a study of biblical teaching on the church and its ministry, with the practical implications that arise from it. Special emphasis will be given on the “know-how’s,” such as conducting baptisms, weddings, and funerals.

12.10 – 1.00pm

Vocal Studio

Vocal Studio is a Masterclass of singing where the emphasis is on the presentation of the song: how to tell a story with your gestures and emotions.

2.30 – 3.20pm

Church Music Administration and Leadership

Music Administration (2CR) is designed to equip administrative skills and to develop basic leadership dexterity in the setting of the local church music ministry. While musical aptitude and pastoral equipping are taught in other courses, this class, is part of that foundation – forming process that holistically prepares the Music Minister for organisational proficiency and administrative rigour. Leadership (1 CR) will explore the deeper complexities of leadership and mentorship in order to be a leader of other leaders

2.30 – 3.20pm

Human Development

This course seeks to trace the normative developmental changes across the life span. It also examines the systemic and individual models of development within a larger socio-cultural and spiritual framework. Special focus will be given on developmental concepts like attachment, emotional, moral and faith development, aging and other issues needed for a deeper understanding of how people grow. An important feature of this course is for each student to evaluate his/her own developmental growth through reflection papers and process sessions with peers.

2.30 – 3.20pm



2.30 – 3.20pm




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