Encounter God at SBC

13 September 2018


Mission of SBC

The mission of Singapore Bible College is
to glorify God by training faithful
servants of Jesus Christ for the edification of
the church and the urgent evangelization
of the unreached.

Discerning God’s Call

SBC Open House is designed for prospective students who see the need to be equipped for Christian ministry. If you are wrestling with discerning God’s call in your life and deciding on whether you should undergo theological education, this Open House is for you!

This one-day programme will provide you with opportunities to interact with our professors and students through panel discussions and dialogue. You will also get to experience our unique community life at SBC by attending classes and chapel, touring around the campus, and tasting the home-cooked food at the SBC canteen.

Through this programme, SBC hopes to help you gain a better understanding of what theological education is about, and to assess your readiness to engage in theological training.

Do You Know?

Nestled between the lush greenery of the MacRitchie Reservoir and the Singapore Botanic Gardens (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), Singapore Bible College offers more than a conducive educational environment.

If you are keen to explore God’s calling in your life, please register online with us before 06 September 2018. You may also contact Ms Zara at openhouse@sbc.edu.sg.

We look forward to know you personally.

Do You Know?

SBC provides formal, non-formal and informal training. Informal training takes place in a student’s personal reflection of his learning experience, in friendships and in cross-cultural interactions within the SBC community. There are many facilities available for informal training to take place.

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Field of Interest: Theology English

Systematic Theology II

This course introduces students to the person and work of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, especially in relation to creation and redemption. It also investigates soteriological topics including the nature and significance of Christ’s atonement for sin, election, calling, conversion, regeneration, justification, adoption, sanctification, perseverance, and glorification. The course examines the historical context, biblical basis, and applications for life and ministry for the doctrines considered.

Introduction to Christian Spirituality / Spiritual Formation

While this class maybe termed “Introduction to Spirituality/Spiritual Formation,” in reality it is a class on the Spiritual Life. This class seeks to teach and lead the student to examine/know/work/walk in light of who God is and what He wants of our lives. This introductory course will help the growing student reexamine their spiritual goals and patterns in life

Field of Interest: Counselling

Counselling Issues 1

The importance of the care of souls is emphasized in this course. A holistic and integrated approach to people-helping with its frameworks and processes, is presented. Emphasis will also be given to the counseling relationship and what it takes to be an effective counsellor.

Field of Interest: Church Music

Preaching through Music

Since music and lyrics have the power to teach, rebuke, instruct and preach, this class will equip the student with biblical foundation, effective tools, and creative possibilities for their use. Whether for use on Sunday morning services, or in a music café, the power of the gospel, through music and programme setting, must speak truth to all. Students will learn to use narratives and subject-based outline, to shape the music programme to reach or provide a bridge to a discerning post-modern audience.


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