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A word from Principal
Building a Fusion Community of Learners

Rev. Dr. Clement Chia

Singapore Bible College is a cross-cultural community of disciples from over 20 countries, ethnic groups, languages, and cultures, and a range of denominations and traditions, who follow Jesus Christ in the footsteps of previous generations...

For church & society
Nurturing Our Connections in an Age of Distractions

Dr. Linda Bubod

In an age where we are surrounded by computers, TV, mobile phones, and all else that distracts us, the temptation to neglect our vital relationships is a constant. But whether fragile or strong, our relationships lie at the core of our existence. Our...

For church & society
The Christian Faith and Telling Stories

Dr. Justin Joon Lee

When I was a child, I loved reading fantasy and science-fiction novels. I wouldn’t just read these books—I would devour them. I especially loved the feeling of being transported away to strange and mysterious lands, of joining in on epic quests...

From our student
Our Cebu Mission Trip (23–30 June 2022)

Mharhomo Kithan, Master of Church Music programme (2nd year)

Looking back on this special week in June brings back so many lovely memories which, to be serious, I didn’t think was that lovely at the time. We tend to complain to God about our difficulties and challenges. But sometimes, when...

On partnering with SBC
Templeton Grant on Christian Character and Spiritual Formation Awarded to SBC

Rev. Dr. Samuel Law

SBC was awarded a Templeton follow-up subgrant from the John Templeton Foundation in the amount of US$65,000 (approximately S$88,000) to collaborate with Dr. David Wang of Fuller Theological Seminary. The original US$1.9 million...






中世纪修道士Guido of Arezzo为了帮助新的诗班成员能更好、更快地学唱贵格利素歌,进而发明一种类似书写文字的记录方式,将所听到的音乐,以哲学的概念,转换成纸上的音乐符号。因着现代乐谱的发明,我们更能透过视觉加上听觉的记忆...





News & updates for Nov 2022–Jan 2023

Rev. Dr. Clement Chia preached in ten local churches, shared at the Wanfu Businessmen Fellowship in Indonesia and Jerantut Christian Church, Pahang, Malaysia, and delivered two expository sermons for the Fifth Mission Training Camp by Singapore Chinese Joint Missions. He also presented “Theological Revitalisation in the Light of the Rise of the Global South? A Critical Reflection on Hanyu Theology” at the Fellowship of Theologians, Taiwan.

New Board Member
We welcome The Right Reverend Lu Guan Hoe, Bishop of the Lutheran Church in Singapore to serve as a Representative. We look forward to his contribution to the Board.

New Term of Service
We are grateful for the 23 Board members who have committed themselves to serve on the Board of Sponsors for the next term of four years.     

New Management Committee
We thank God for the nine Board members who have been elected to lead and serve the College as the Board of Directors for four years. Chairman: Prof. Cheong Hee Kiat; Vice Chairman: Elder Arthur Lim; Honorary Treasurer: Elder Jack Hong; Honorary Secretary: Ms. Pauline Ang; Members: Dr. Ernest Chew, Rev. Dr. Patrick Fung, Dr. Philip Lee, Mr. Liew Heng San, and Mrs. Daphne Teo.

Dr. Brian Thomas (Associate Professor, School of Theology English) and Rev. Dr. Lee Soon Guan Joseph (Associate Professor, School of Church Music) ended their service in Nov 2022 after serving faithfully at SBC for eight years and nine years, respectively.

New Faculty
We warmly welcome Dr. Wang Yi-Jye Christy as our School of Theology (Chinese) full-time faculty member from Oct 2022. Dr. Wang graduated from the University of Oxford with a Doctor of Philosophy in Theology.

Rev. Dr. Elijah Liang (Dean, School of Theology Chinese) is on sabbatical leave from 1 Jan to 30 Jun 2023.

Rev. Dr. Jerry Hwang presented two papers at the Evangelical Theological Society meeting in Denver, Colorado: “Holiness and Chaoskampf in the Book of Job” and “From Grace to Guilt Trip: Misunderstandings of Biblical Patronage by Asian Christians.”

Dr. Calvin Chong served as a member of the Asia Theological Association’s Visiting Evaluation Team to Bethlehem Bible College.  He also led a ten-day Biblelands tour in Israel.

Dr. Peter Ho presented “SBC’s Whole School Approach to Effective Online Theological Education” at the Institute for Excellence in Christian Leadership Development, Overseas Council, and at the Asia Theological Association’s General Assembly Triennial Conference. He also presented “The Macrostructural Design of the Psalter: An Unfurling of the Davidic Covenant” at the Third International Symposium on Biblical Exegesis, Theophaneia School, Timisoara, Romania.

Dr. Justin Lee had a paper published: “Diodore of Tarsus, Theodore of Mopsuestia, and the Interpretation of the Messianic Psalms” in Zeitschrift für Antikes Christentum / Journal of Ancient Christianity 26, no. 2 (2022): 264–283. The article can be accessed at:



李志秋老师为英国爱丁堡神学院主讲“以亚洲人的视角阅读新约中对逼迫的论述”,也参与Scholars Leaders所主办的“女性同侪领导论坛”。


Dr. Myrleene Yap was the speaker at the Ladies Ministry Retreat of The People’s Bible Church and the Leaders Retreat of Mount Horeb Bible-Presbyterian Church. She also planned and led the Christmas Worship Service at Davao Evangelical Church, Philippines.


Income 收入
01/10/2022–31/12/2022 S$1,297,766
Expenditure 支出
01/10/2022–31/12/2022 S$1,702,258
Deficit 不敷 S$ 404,492
Accumulated Deficit 累计不敷 S$ 314,320