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CONNECT   A word from the Principal

Beware of Religious Populism

We remind ourselves frequently that SBC is mandated by churches to train faithful servants of Jesus Christ, to edify the body of Christ, and to make disciples of all nations. We have to be vigilant against whatever may distract…

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Contextualizing Theology for Everyone

When I tell people that I specialize in patristics, I’m usually met with one of two responses: “What is that?” or “Wow, so difficult!” Patristics is the study of…

ENGAGE   For church & society

Metaphors to Describe the COVID Experience

In 2020, the world was presented with an unprecedented lived-out experience. With the advent of COVID-19, millions around the world had restrictions imposed on movement. We have been subject to confinement conditions of…


In Loving Memory of
Rev. Dr. Maak Hay Chun

Rev. Dr. Michael Shen

Rev. Dr. Michael Shen

I miss Rev. Maak Hay Chun 麦-希-真. The Chinese characters of his name tell about him: a seed of wheat, hope, and a true heart.

SUPPORT   On partnering with SBC

Come Help Rebuild Our Retaining Walls Now

I write to appeal to you, our faithful supporters, for help to repair the retaining walls around the SBC campus. These walls have been protecting our aging buildings (the oldest was completed in 1968) from landslides for decades but…

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News & updates for November 2020–January 2021

Rev. Dr. Clement Chia preached at seven churches in Singapore. He taught an intensive course on “Public Theology and Pastoral Ethics” for the DMin programme (Chinese) and led a strategic planning exercise for the Executive Committee. In Dec 2020, his book The Beliefs that Reinvent the Future was published by Taiwan’s Campus Evangelical Fellowship Press.

Dr. Joel Navarro (Professor, School of Church Music) retired as our faculty member in Nov 2020 after six and a half years of faithful service. After retiring from the College, Dr. and Mrs. Navarro will return to the Philippines.
Rev. Dr. Grace Tan (Senior Dean, Student Formation) and Dr. Brian Thomas (Associate Professor, School of Theology English) are on sabbatical leave from 1 Jan to 30 Jun 2021.
We warmly welcome Ms. Penny Quek as our School of Counselling faculty member from 1 Jan 2021. Ms. Quek graduated from SBC with a Master of Arts in Pastoral Counselling in 2010 and is married with two daughters and a son.
W.e.f. 1 Jan 2021, Dr. Cynthia Chang Hsing-Wei has stepped down as the Library Director, and Ms. Lydia Tsai Ying Ching has been appointed as the Library Coordinator to oversee operational issues. Dr. Chang will continue to serve as Library Liaison with a formed committee for library acquisitions. The Library Coordinator and staff will now fall under the purview of the Administration.





Joel Navarro
INSPIRARE: Breathing Life into Our Music;
A Manual for Church Choir Conductors in Asia
Singapore: Sonata Music, 2020

This book by our recently retired and widely respected professor of church music is the first of its kind to be written by an Asian author for an Asian audience, using predominantly Asian church music materials. It covers topics such as the conductor’s calling, conducting technique, score study, rehearsal technique, and choral management.

Please see for more details about the book and how to purchase your copy.

Dr. Jerry Hwang presented a paper on “Are Yahweh and El/Allah the Same God? The OT’s Contextualization of Monotheism” at the Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS), held online in Nov 2020.

Dr. Calvin Chong spoke on the topic “Social Issue: Migrant Workers and the Poor” at Holland Village Methodist Church’s Youth Leadership Training Class. He also shared on the topic “Loving Those Who Leave” at the inter-university Christian Fellowship SWAT Camp 2020.

Dr. Rick Griffith taught four online courses on his USA home assignment: “Soteriology” and “Eschatology” for Word of Life Bible Institute in Jeju, South Korea, and “Advanced Studies in the Book of Isaiah” and “Obadiah Through Malachi” for Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary in Amman, Jordan.

Dr. Peter Ho presented a paper on “The Successful Life: Comparing the Opening Chapters of the Psalms and the Qur’an” at the ETS Annual Meeting, and published a review of Reading the Bible in Ancient Traditions and Modern Editions edited by Andrew Perrin, et al., on the Review of Biblical Literature.

Dr. Andrew Spurgeon spoke on Christological heresies for the Myanmar Pastors’ Conference, and delivered lectures on Pauline theology for Evangelical Theological Seminary in Hosur, India.


李志秋老师於The Bible in Church and Society 一书中发表了专文“Scripture as God’s Word”;也在怀恩堂以粤语主讲了希伯来书的主日学系列。






The SCM faculty and students, together with alumni and friends, were featured in one of 20 live-streamed worship services at the online 2021 Calvin Symposium on Worship. This service was woven around Psalm 29 and was seen worldwide. More details available here:

Dr. Joseph Lee taught on “Spiritual Leadership” in a Master of Ministry course for music leaders and pastor-students mostly based in Indonesia, Singapore, and South Korea. He also preached on “Festival of Nine Lessons” at the Mar Thoma Syrian Church in Singapore.

Dr. Myrleene Yap spoke at the worship services of International Evangelical Church Singapore and Abundant Life Baptist Church.

Over 20 choirs in Manila will perform online Dona Nobis Pacem composed by Mr. Eudenice V. Palaruan. The Singapore Symphony Chorus, for which Mr. Palaruan is the choral director, will perform online the sacred songs of Bach, Handel and Rutter for the Esplanade with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra.

Financial Report 财务报告

General Fund 经常费

Income 收入
01/10/2020–31/12/2020 S$1,601,829.09
Expenditure 支出
01/10/2020–31/12/2020 S$1,442,864.69
Surplus 盈余 S$ 158,964.40
Accumulated Surplus 累计盈余
S$ 428,448.25