August­–October 2020  |  Edifying the church & engaging the world  |  Quarterly dispatches



CONNECT   A word from the Principal

Holistic Theological Education in a Post-Pandemic World

In this unprecedented COVID-19 situation, Singapore Bible College as a higher-learning institution in Singapore has had to ensure most administration and teaching activities are carried out online…

ENGAGE   For church & society

Plans for Welfare and Not for Evil

The trauma of COVID-19 means that our world will never be the same. As of this writing, six million people globally have been infected by the virus (and this number will unfortunately be…

ENGAGE   For church & society

Believers’ Responsibilities in a Famine

Famine is a recurring theme in the Bible. Abram and his family went to Egypt because there was a severe famine in Bethel (Gen 12:10); Isaac also went to the Philistines because of a famine…

SPIRIT   Encouragement & exhortation

A Reflection on “Great Is Thy Faithfulness”

Thomas Obadiah Chisolm was a school teacher and a prolific poet born in the 1860s. He wrote the text of the hymn, “Great Is Thy Faithfulness”. In his later years when he  suffered poor health and…

Revision   Re-evaluate & Reflect

Our Mission and Vision Statements

The imminent need for campus redevelopment in recent years has prompted our Board members, senior leaders, and directors from various departments and schools to re-evaluate and reflect deeply upon…

SUPPORT   On partnering with SBC

The COVID-19 Effect

When COVID-19 turned into a pandemic and affected every institution, Singapore Bible College was not spared too. Everyone in SBC also had to scramble to respond to the countless advisories from…

角声   教会与社会



得力   鼓励与劝勉




News & updates for February–July

Rev. Dr. Clement Chia preached in seven churches in Singapore and two in Malaysia; five other churches had to cancel due to the pandemic measures. He presented three webinars: “Renewal of Preaching” for the Baptist Chinese Pastors Fellowship of Singapore; “Is Coronavirus a Judgement from God?” for Lifewords, Johor Bahru; “Reformed Eschatology” for Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary. He also wrote an article, “Torrance’s Theological Science: Theological Literacy Under Scientific Culture”,  for the Taiwanese bimonthly magazine, Campus (Mar/Apr 2020).

Academic Dean of the School of Counselling, Dr. Valentino L. Gonzales, retired as full-time faculty in May 2020 after five and a half years of faithful service. Dr. and Mrs. Gonzales will return to the United States after his retirement from the College.

Mr. Billy Chiang, Director of Advancement, retired as staff in February 2020 after nine years of faithful service. Mr. Chiang will return to SBC as Fundraising Ambassador (volunteering) to serve alongside the Community Relations Domain in ministering and connecting to donors.

Senior Director of Administration, Ms. Katherine Loo, ended her ten years of service in SBC on 31 May 2020. Under her leadership, Ms. Loo has helped the College achieve various milestones, including the transition to SBC Limited, and setting up and strengthening various functions, such as Finance and Human Resource. The College is appreciative of her faithful service.

We warmly welcome Elder Lo Chee Wen as our new Senior Director of Administration. Elder Lo served as Finance Sub-Committee Member of the Board from 2011 till joining SBC in his present position in June 2020. He has a wealth of leadership experience in various positions and is actively involved in social work and Christian ministry at both local and international levels. He oversees the administrative functions of the Human Resource, Finance, Estate, and Business Office departments. He also assists the Principal in corporate governance matters, including providing administrative support to the Board and its various Sub-Committees.

Dr. Joseph Lee SG, was appointed as Dean of School of Church Music w.e.f. 1 July 2020.

Dr. Linda M. Bubod, was appointed as Dean of School of Counselling w.e.f. 1 July 2020.

Rev. Dr. Rick Griffith is on Home Assignment as requested by his mission organization from May to December 2020.

Mr. Chong Toh Goo, beloved father of Dr. Calvin Chong, went home to be with the Lord on 8 March 2020.

Mr. Chang Sing Li, beloved father of Dr. Cynthia Chang, went home to be with the Lord on 4 June 2020.

Dr. Calvin Chong chapter “Globalization, Hybrid Worlds, and Emerging Missional Frontiers” presented at the Global Diaspora Network Consultation in Manila 2018 was published in May by William Carey in A Hybrid World: Diaspora, Hybridity, and Missio Dei.

Rev. Dr. Rick Griffith taught Homiletics to pastors at the Tangkhul Naga Baptist Convention headquarters in Ukhrul, Manipur, India.

Dr. Peter Ho taught a course on the Psalms organised by Stretch Out International, and published two review articles: Roland Meynet, Le Psautier: Cinquième Livre (Ps 107–150); Douglas Magnum and Douglas Estes, eds., Literary Approaches to the Bible; both are in the Review of Biblical Literature:

Rev. Dr. Samuel Law wrote an article for and served on the steering committee and as a moderator for the Singapore Centre for Missions symposium, “Crafting Asian Missiologies”. He also participated in the Asia Theological Association webinar, “Theological Education During and After COVID-19”.

Dr. Brian Thomas published his dissertation, Living in the Flesh by the Spirit: The Pauline View of Flesh and Spirit in Galatians, in May with Wipf & Stock:


陈恩慧老师在宏茂桥福音堂带领线上讲座:“家庭基督教教育对孩子灵命成长的关系 ”;恩泽堂武吉巴督聚会姐妹团契主讲“我爱我家”和恩泽堂乌节路聚会雅歌区会成立三周年中分享。

李志秋老师:Dr. Chee-Chiew Lee published the following article: “The Rhetoric of Empathy in Hebrews.” Novum Testamentum 62.2 (2020): 201–18.


朱美娟老师参与由美国数间神学院联办的Distance Education Roundtable网络会议;并在数间教会主讲“宽恕的力量”与“凝视死亡”等课题。

Dr. Myrleene Yap gave several talks and training on worship at GKT Hosana, Surabaya, Indonesia. She was the Church Music Sunday speaker at Grace Jubilee Centre. She also served as a consultant for some churches and seminaries regarding online services and music ministries.

Dr. Joel Navarro conducted a choral workshop for a visiting community choir from Myanmar. He taught online for Bandung Theological Seminary for the Master of Ministry course, “Instrumental Methods”. He also completed his book on conducting methods, INSPIRARE: Breathing Life into Our Music; A Manual for Church Choir Conductors in Asia. Publication details will be forthcoming.

Mr. Eudenice V. Palaruan adjudicated in the inaugural Singapore International Choral Composition Competition presented by the Raffles Singers. For the SBC Graduation Ceremony, he sang while his wife, Ann, danced “Take My Life and Let It Be”.

Dr. Val Gonzales was a facilitator and panellist on a seminar for porn addiction at the National University of Singapore sponsored by CRU. He also facilitated a seminar on mental wellness at Changi Baptist Church, and provided whole-day training to group facilitators for Covenant Evangelical Free Church.

Financial Report 财务报告

General Fund 经常费

Income 收入
01/03/2020–30/06/2020 S$1,990,858.34
Expenditure 支出
01/03/2020–30/06/2020 S$1,674,027.46
Surplus 盈余 S$ 316,830.88
Accumulated Surplus 累计盈余
S$ 676,544.03