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Developing Sustainable Leadership

SBC is sending our 67th batch of graduates at a very unusual and difficult time in global human history—the COVID-19 situation.

CELEBRATE   67th Graduation

Servants of the Gospel

A message to our graduates.

CELEBRATE   67th Graduation

Our Graduates

Presenting the 67th batch of SBC graduates!

CELEBRATE   67th Graduation


Blessings from our faculty members to our graduates!

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A Mission Continuity Plan?

Many organizations and businesses have been severely disrupted by the COVID-19 situation. Each of them has to work out a business continuity plan (BCP) to ensure…

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Whose Sin?

A student recently asked me, “Prof., Is it because those in Wuhan Province ate bats, which the Law prohibits, that COVID-19 came on them, as a punishment?”

新冠病毒   教会与社会




From our graduates


SBC Ministries in the past year


Selah worship and music symposium

2–3 August, 3–5 October 2019


In the past school year, the School of Church Music team has been repeatedly amazed at how God used their lives and programmes to build, encourage, come alongside, and bring hope to those in the surrounding nations.


With the theme of Renewing Worship: Purposing God’s Agenda, our worship and music symposium invited musicians, pastors, and church leaders to return to God’s kingdom purpose of a worshipful, discipling, and vibrant music ministry. SCM full-time and adjunct faculty members were speakers, and they were joined by guests like Dr. Ming Soohoo, Dr. Beverly Shangkuan-Cheng, and Rev. Jason Co.


New Millennium Evangelical Church, Manila, Philippines hosted Sambawitan in August 2019 with 150 participants, while GKA Gloria in Surabaya, Indonesia impacted over 350 with Selah Surabaya in October 2019.


The nations continue to cry out for partnerships and collaborations of teaching and mutual encouragement, for every musician, servant-leader, and child of God alike.



Courageous Steps with Christ to the Nations

3–6 September 2019


We had a wonderful Missions Week with Dr. Rachel Rajagopal as our mission speaker. She spoke on “Courageous Steps with Christ to the Nations”, using Joshua 1:1–9 as the key text. Dr. Rachel is an alumna of SBC and a missionary who has served the Lord for almost 20 years. Her own experiences in the field as an Asian, and a woman, in the midst of a man’s world, in India, Middle East, Africa, currently in Honduras and en route to Mexico for the next several years, are testimonies of God’s faithfulness in her life. Her stories of God’s amazing provision, protection, peace and presence that sustained her for many years resonated with many in the SBC family.


The culmination of the Missions Week with the International Fair and International Night on Friday was both colourful and educational; experiential and introspective; enjoyable and heart-wrenching, as the theme of “Perseverance and Persecution” was carefully and cleverly captured, crafted and conveyed through song, dance, mime and skit. It was overall a wonderful opportunity to see God’s heartbeat through the eyes of the students from the different nations represented in our campus. The faculty presented the song “You Are My Hiding Place” to remind the community that in the midst of pain and suffering, our God shields us in his presence and gives us hope, joy and peace even in the midst of storms! Wonderful end to an amazing week! The Lord be praised!


Hymn Fest

Broken but Restored


21-22 September 2019


The SBC Canticorum, under the leadership of Dr. Joel Navarro, presented a two-night sold-out hymn festival on 21-22 Sep 2019 in the premises of SBC.   The event entitled Broken But Restored addressed issues of pain and restoration.


Many came with their brokenness and emptiness, fears and tears, longing to hear God’s voice and experience his presence found.  Thank God, for those who seek the Lord found him.


From the opening song of God’s gracious invitation to “Come to me,” choir and congregation entered a time of lament.  Many identified with the testimonies of brokenness and hopelessness, pain and desperation. We joined in the songs that acknowledged our human frailty as we live in a broken sinful world.  Yet amidst such darkness and pain, songs and Scriptures were woven together to also proclaim the Father, God of creation; the Son, the One familiar with grief, and the Spirit who invites us to live freely, lightly, and within “unforced rhythms of grace”.  The hymn festival culminated with everyone declaring in heart and voices, our hope in the Lord:


To this I hold, my hope is only Jesus.

All the glory evermore to Him!

When the race is complete,

Still my lips shall repeat:

Yet not I, but through Christ in me.



This Is Home


30 September 2019


SBC is home indeed for SBC alumni, and what a treat it was for the 125 alumni and former faculty who came home for the annual Homecoming Day. The campus was bursting with excitement: a huge welcome banner, colourful balloons, the welcoming smiles of faculty and staff, shrieks of joy from long-lost friends, and the delicious breakfast spread prepared for our family members!


The celebration continued as everyone feasted on God’s presence in worship led by our SCM, SOC, and SOTC alumni, and on God’s word as spoken through Dr. Christopher Lee. And of course, an annual homecoming would never be complete without the smaller gatherings by schools for fellowship, updates, and prayer.


The homecoming ended with a sumptuous buffet spread, enjoyed with so much laughter, excited chatter, and quiet encouragement among the family members! This is home, truly!


SCM Seminar

Arts for a Better Future


5–9 January 2020
(first to be held in asia)


Believers of faith and conviction willingly proclaim the gospel to families and communities. This special seminar in January facilitated the training of over 35 national leaders, including School of Church Music students from both the Singapore and Bandung, Indonesia campuses. It explored the use of ethno-arts for effective gospel proclamation. Careful understanding and practice will cut across tensions regarding cultures, traditions, modernity, and heartfelt music or arts, to bring the clarity of the gospel of Christ to the nations.


SBC is thankful to the teachers, Dr. Robin Harris and Mr. Ian Collinge, for creating the first-ever Asian Arts for a Better Future course. We are also thankful to the co-facilitators, Mr. Christopher Troutman and Dr. Dora Hsiang-Ning Kung.


Pastoral Seminar Fellowship

Transforming Conflict into Opportunity

20 January 2020


About 60 participants from over 20 churches came for this enriching seminar to learn how to handle conflict in their respective situations. Dr. John Ng spoke with deep passion and, drawing from his years of experience as a mediator and executive coach, gave insightful principles on facing and dealing with conflict. The four key principles are: (1) Conflict is natural; (2) Conflict is neutral; (3) Absence of conflict is not a sign of emotional health; and (4) Most conflicts are irresolvable. He ended his presentation by showing us how to create the right climate for effective conflict management. The respondent, Dr. Calvin Chong, gave an equally passionate response. He argued for a place for experiential learning activities to create self and group awareness to demonstrate the effects of conflict on ministry and organizational life.


Spiritual Emphasis Week

Listening to God from a Quiet Heart

10–13 March 2020


From Tuesday to Thursday, Dr. Esther Law spoke on communing with God in silence, in nature, and through meditating on his word. The SBC community had a chance to practise one of these each day before a silent retreat on Friday. On Friday morning, the campus was transformed into an oasis of calm as even the most extroverted among us were compelled to stay silent. Some decided to take a stroll in the Botanic Gardens, while others hid from the heat in nearby cafés. It was a much-needed time of rest and reflection for all. The day concluded with sharing and prayer.





2019年9月的差传周,学院邀请到校友Dr Rachel Rajagopal为讲员,Rachel博士数年前回应上帝的呼召前往南美洲宣教,并成立了FLAME宣教机构。她根据自己宣教的心路历程鼓励我们,作为福音战士应有的态度,乃是勇于回应上帝的呼召,即便在困苦患难面前仍坚守到底。
















同性恋: 教牧领袖应如何面对及信仰反思

















Financial Report 财务报告

General Fund 经常费

Income 收入
01/01/20–29/02/20 S$ 1,158,741.80
Expenditure 支出
01/01/20–29/02/20 S$ 797,501.43
Surplus 盈余 S$ 361,240.37
Accumulated Deficit 累计盈余
S$ 359,713.15

NOTE: Financial results for March 2020 is delayed due to COVID-19 situation.