About the campaign

20 March 2022

In late 2018, the retaining walls around Block 4 and behind Block 2 of the College began to tilt and temporary reinforcements were put in to prevent further movement.

In early 2021, we started a fundraising campaign, “About the Campaign (Feb 2021)” to raise funds to rectify and strengthen our aged and deteriorating retaining walls. God provided through your heartfelt giving and supplied the pressing need. A sum of $680,000 was raised. Currently, we have a balance of about $500,000. About $180,000 was spent on soil investigation, topographical surveys, statutory fees, structural studies, and other preparatory work to prepare the full tender with the aim to find a long-term solution to the retaining walls.

Various complications delayed our progress till Jan 2022 when the project was put up for tender. Within a short year, we found that construction costs had risen more than 25%. With the Covid pandemic and the rising material supply chain and labour costs, the remaining $500,000 is insufficient to carry out the full works. The indicative construction price is now estimated to be around $700,000 without considering consultants’ costs, permits, new health/safety requirements, and other ancillary costs. The tender will be awarded in March 2022 and work will commence.

We seek your support for an additional $260,000 to carry out the repair works to the retaining walls so that all users of the College’s premises have a safe environment to teach, learn and serve.

Hebrews 6:10: “God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.”

Singapore Bible College (SBC) is a non-profit organization providing theological education for Christians since 1952. The land on which SBC stands were purchased between the 1950s to 1980s, no small thanks to the big vision of our early leaders.

In August 2018, a routine structural check by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) found two of the retaining walls (the wall around block 4 and the retaining walls behind Block 2, adjacent to the two private apartment blocks) cracked and tilted beyond the safety threshold. BCA has since given us three years to rectify these faults with a permanent solution.

In mitigating the situation:

  • Structural engineers were engaged.
  • Temporal steel supports were installed immediately to protect the affected buildings.*
  • Soil investigation and topographical surveys were conducted to retrieve crucial data for suitable solutions.*
  • Weekly reports of the soil movement (still ongoing) with tilt measurement meters in place.

*Required by BCA

Since our first sharing of this need in 2018, God has provided S$282,125 through you. With a better estimation of our approximate expenditure for the proposed solutions (pending BCA’s approval), professional and necessary fees (both one-time and recurring) in keeping to BCA’s rules as well as keeping the current situation as safe as possible, our current shortfall is S$169,775.

Our God provides and we are confident He does it through your continued support towards this ministry.  As we come to our final lap for the construction cost, help us to make SBC a safe campus for living, education, fun and work. Your gift – no matter how small – will help us in every way.

God bless.

SBC retaining walls repairs

Additional Funds Raised

S$ 28,253

11% of S$260,000

(new needs)

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Did you know?

We only need 1300 donors to give S$200 each to raise the rest of the funds.
So, become one of these donors today!

How to Give

If you need an official receipt, please email accounts@sbc.edu.sg with your name in full, mailing address, date and time of donation, and the donation amount.

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Praise the Lord! The tender was awarded and repair works will be carried out from 18 May to 19 Oct 2022. Work progress will be updated periodically on this page.

Please keep the following in prayer:

  • Safety for all workers and a smooth process throughout
  • Raising the balance expenses

Please help us share this need with others.

The project team and consultants have started the process of evaluating the tender submissions and getting further clarifications. This will be followed by interviewing the shortlisted companies. This whole process will take the period Jan-Feb.

The tender has been launched. Submissions will be evaluated before the contract is awarded.

Praise the Lord! We have received approval from BCA three months ago and are in the final phase to finalise the tender specifications.

Dear family & friends of SBC,

We have arrived at the closure of the retaining wall campaign. Our hearts are warmed by your prayers and financial support. We give thanks that God has kept us safe with the temporary structures while we manage the tedious process of applications and submissions. At this stage, a resubmission has been sent on 16 June 2021.

This webpage will be updated from time to time with news on the progress of the retaining wall, as well as prayer needs.

The college is still waiting for the approval of the engineer’s submission from BCA.
If there is no delay, the construction is targeted to start in May and June 2021.

Please pray for smooth clearance and good construction planning.

Praise the Lord! We have reached our target! Thank God for meeting our needs six weeks into our campaign. A big thank you goes out to our faithful supporters as well. God provides!

We will continue to update donations, progress of the repair and prayer items here. So do check back or subscribe to our mailing list to receive email updates.

The engineer submitted the final design to BCA today.

Since the launch of the campaign on 18 Feb, the Lord has blessed us with additional $38K and 88 donors. Thank you!

Do continue to pray for BCA’s approval of the engineer’s submission.

Block 4 wall’s repair plan has been confirmed and submitted to BCA for approval.

Block 2 wall’s repair plan is in the final stages of approval by BCA.