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for Integrative Research and Advancement seeks to deepen Christians’ understanding of God’s truths. It does so by promoting a research culture which is multi-disciplinary in its approach, so as to provide a holistic theological framework for church ministries and missions in and beyond Asia. 


Resources: Responding to the Covid-19 Situation

It is SBC's mission to support churches to make disciples of all nations.

As we face the COVID-19 challenge, our faculty and students are working to provide resources to help you respond. Please find short articles and videos you can use to help address questions and concerns your congregation may have during this time.

Waltzing with Wesley: Wesleyan Theology as a Renewing Framework for Chinese Christian Spirituality and Global Identity

Rev Dr Samuel Law’s recent essay: The Asbury Journal, Spring 2017

This paper argues that Wesleyan theology, understanding that God’s prevenient grace is working toward the restoration of all Creation, serves as a means of grace for global Christians to incarnate Christianity with their indigenous cultural identity.

Is Biblical literacy Happening in Singapore Churches?

Assoc Prof David Lang contributed a very interesting article to Ethos.