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Our multicultural faculty with adjunct and affiliate professors is composed of more than 50 members. They are multinational and represent most of the denominational and non-denominational churches in Protestant traditions.

Dr. Peter C. W. Ho

School of Theology (English)

  • Associate Dean
  • Director, Centre for Teaching & Learning
  • Associate Professor of Old Testament


  • Ph.D., University of Gloucestershire
  • M.Div., Singapore Bible College
  • S.M., Nanyang Technological University
    (Singapore-MIT Alliance)
  • B.Eng. (Mech.), Nanyang Technological University

Biographical Information

Dr. Peter Ho is an Associate Professor of Old Testament at the School of Theology (English) and the Director of Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) at SBC. He is an alumnus of the College (2012) and joined the faculty in 2017.

As the Director of CTL, Dr. Peter leads a team of instructional designers and production specialists to develop online courses and enhance the teaching/learning outcomes at SBC. He also co-leads the development of smart classrooms and the early phases of the library reconfiguration project (2021-22).    

The Book of Psalms is Dr. Peter’s primary research area. In his published dissertation, The Design of the Psalter: A Macrostructural Analysis, he argues that the Psalter is designed with an underlying logic that unfurls the Davidic Covenant. His work has also appeared in Vetus Testamentum and the Journal for the Study of the Old Testament. Dr. Peter is currently working on a commentary on Habakkuk and Zephaniah, and a monograph on the shaping of the Book of the Twelve. 

Prior to his doctoral studies, Dr. Peter ministered for about three years in an English congregation. He has working experience in both the private and public sectors and has run an engineering business for seven years. He has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (First Class) and a Master of Science (Singapore-MIT Alliance) from the Nanyang Technological University. 

Dr. Peter is married to Wendy and they have four children. They currently worship at a Presbyterian church.

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  • Old Testament Survey/Foundations
  • Old Testament Studies I (Pentateuch)
  • Old Testament Studies II (Psalms and Wisdom Literature)
  • Old Testament Studies III (Prophets)
  • Hebrew Grammar I
  • Hebrew Grammar II
  • Hebrew Exegesis (Narratives)
  • Hebrew Exegesis (Poetic Texts)
  • Research and Writing
  • The book of Psalms
  • Book of the Twelve (Habakkuk, Zephaniah)
  • Hebrew poetry
  • The Design of the Psalter: A Macrostructural Analysis (Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2019).
  • “The Shape of Davidic Psalms as Messianic,” Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 62.3 (2019): 515–31.
  • “The Macrostructural Logic of the Alphabetic Poems in the Psalter,” Vetus Testamentum 69.4–5 (2019): 594–616.
  • “Pan-Psalter Occurrence Scheme of ‘Jacob’ and ‘Covenant,’” Journal for the Study of the Old Testament 44.2 (2019): 217–32.

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