Oct 2019

SBC has been echoing the beautiful prayer of the psalmist in Psalm 96:

May God be gracious to us and bless us

and make His face shine on us—

so that Your ways may be known on earth,

Your salvation among all nations.

May the peoples praise You, God;

may all the peoples praise You. …

We saw the Lord answering this prayer as He blessed SBC with many opportunities to be a blessing for Him:

    1. Pastors and leaders found help in reaching those in pain through the Helix’s event Preaching the Book of Job in a World of Hurt and through the Pastors Seminar and Fellowship’s (PSF) Preaching as Reminding
    2. Researchers and theologians found answers to struggles about the issue of violence in the special ThM lecture on God is a Warrior: Coming to Terms with Violence in the Old Testament and provide for the Church biblical perspective of the LGBTQ issue in the special PSF talk entitled 同性变:教牧领袖应如何面对和信仰反思
    3. Music and worship ministry leaders found renewal of minds, hearts, and spirits as God spoke to them through the Selah Retreats in Manila, Philippines, and Surabaya, Indonesia
    4. SBC alumni had a joyful break and reunion with friends and faculty during the This is Home alumni homecoming
    5. Many prospective students found God revealing His will to them clearly through the SBC Open House
    6. Many who are broken, tired, grieving, and fearful experienced God’s gentle caring hands through songs, testimonies, and God’s Word in the Broken but Restored hymn festival

As we see how God expands the ministry of SBC beyond the students to edify many from lay leaders to pastors, practitioners to researchers, from Singapore to Manila and Indonesia, indeed,

The land yields its harvest; God, our God, blesses us. 

May we continue to support our alma mater in prayer, giving, and support as we say this prayer:

May God bless us still,

so that all the ends of the earth will fear Him.