Nov 2017

Dear Alumnus,

Welcome to our SBC alumni community! SBConnect is our College’s way to e-connect with you regularly and deeply. Thank you for making an impact for Christ and His Church. As you serve our Lord faithfully, we want to encourage you to actively engage our community in two ways: 1. Connect with us and 2. Impact God’s kingdom.

Connect with Us
Stay in touch with each other, our faculty and the College in the following ways:

  • Visit our SBC website (Spoiler alert: Look out for something NEW in 2018)
  • Like SBC Facebook page and other social media channels
  • Listen to our chapel services (more details coming in January 2018)
  • Update your particulars and tell us what God is doing in your life – a celebration, an ordination, a publication!

Impact God’s Kingdom
Leave a legacy or set footprints for those who come behind:

  • Recommend a student – introduce someone to our unique SBC experience
  • Give – invest in God’s kingdom work
  • Volunteer – serve with us, offer your energy, experience and expertise
  • Pray for us and our Alumni around the world

Our SBC alumni network is rich, diverse and globally connected. With over 3,000 Alumni distributed across 64 countries in Asia and beyond, our Alumni are ambassadors for Christ. You understand how to integrate theology with glocal (global + local) issues and communicate effectively God’s unchanging Word to an ever-changing world. Whether you have graduated months or many moons ago, you are an SBC-ian. We are proud of you!

Stay connected!