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Our multicultural faculty with adjunct and affiliate professors is composed of more than 50 members. They are multinational and represent most of the denominational and non-denominational churches in Protestant traditions.

Dr. Mei-Chuan Chu

School of Counselling

  • Associate Dean
  • Superintendent (Chinese Section)
  • Assistant Professor


  • PhD. (Counselling Psychology), National Taiwan Normal University
  • MSoc. (Counselling) , University of South Australia
  • MA(BS), Singapore Bible College
  • BA, National Taiwan University

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Biographical Information 

Under God’s guidance, Dr. Chu has furthered her studies in both theology and psychology, and is committed to seeking the integration of psychology and religion/spirituality. She teaches subjects related to counselling and psychotherapy, and is frequently invited to give sermons, Sunday school teachings, workshops and trainings to help the church community understand God’s Word as well as mental health related issues.

Dr. Chu is a full member of the American Psychological Association (membership number C2002513315) and Singapore Psychological Society ( membership number FM022017C). She is also a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Taiwan Counselling Psychology. Dr. Chu has been involved in research projects on various topics such as clients’ experiences with religious/spiritually integrated counselling and spiritual care competencies in Palliative care. She has also conducted studies and published research papers on the experiences and ethical choices of counsellors when encountering value conflicts with their clients and counsellor trainees’ competency problems.

She is married to Dr. Elijah Liang, they have two grown sons Nathan & Jonan. The family worships and serves at Coronation Baptist Church.

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  • Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy
  • Counseling Process and Skills
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Life-long development and pastoral care
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Marriage and family therapy
  • Emotional health
  • Interpersonal relations and communication
Journal Papers
  • Chu, M. C. (2021). Grounded Theory Method: Comparison and choice between different approaches. Journal of Education of University of Taipei, 68, 1-22.
  • 朱美娟(2018)。心理治療與宗教/靈性。市北教育學刊,60,31-60。DOI:10.7036/JEUT.201808_60.0002 【Chu, M. C. (2018). Psychotherapy and religion/spirituality. Journal of Education, University of Taipei. 31-60. doi:10.7036/JEUT.201808_60.0002】
  • 陳秉華、范嵐欣、朱美娟(2018)。 當靈性與心理諮商相遇–案主的經驗。中華輔導與諮商學報,51,27-66。DOI: 10.3966/172851862018040051002。【Chen, P. H., Fan, L. H., & Chu, M. C. (2018). When spirituality meets counseling: The clients’ experience. Chinese Journal of Guidance and Counseling. 51, 27-66. doi: 10.3966/172851862018040051002】
  • 朱美娟、范嵐欣(2017)。大學諮商心理系所教師如何辨識與處理受訓學生的專業能力問題—以北部四所大學為例之初探性研究。臺灣諮商心理學報,5(1),121-149. 【Chu, M. C., & Fan, L. H., (2017). How teachers of counseling psychology programs recognize and remediate problems of professional competence in students: An exploratory study of four universities in the north. Journal of Taiwan Counseling Psychology, 5(1), 121- 149.】
  • 陳秉華、邱仲峯、張國豐、趙冉、范嵐欣、朱美娟(2017)。靈性關懷能力量表的編制與信效度研究。中華心理衛生學刊,302,141-167。【Chen, P. H., Chiou, J. F., Chang, K. F., Chao, J., Fan, L. H., & Chu, M. C., (2017).Development of the spiritual care competency scale and the study of its psychometric properties. Formosa Journal of Mental Health, 30 (2) 141-167.】
Conference Papers
  • Chu, Mei (2016 July). Case report: cognitive behavioural therapy for fragile high self-esteem. Poster paper presented at the International Congress of Psychology 2016, Yokohama, Japan.
  • Chen,Ping-Hwa; Chiou, Jeng-Fong; Chu, Mei Chuan; Fan, Lan-Hsin; CHANG, Kuo-Feng; Zhao, (2016, Oct). The development of the palliative care spiritual care competency scale. Paper presented at21st International Congress on Palliative Care. Montreal Canada.
  • 陳秉華、邱仲峯、張國豐、范嵐欣、朱美娟(2016年6月)。靈性關懷能力量表的建構與信效度分析。壁報呈現與臺灣安寧緩和醫學學會105年度聯合學術研討會。臺北,臺灣。
  • 朱美娟(2019)。新加坡基督徒谘商师宗教价值观与案主价值观冲突之经验与伦理抉择(未出版之博士论文)。国立台湾师范大学。台北。台湾。【Chu, M. C. (2019). The experiences and ethical choices of Christian counsellors in Singapore when their religious values collide with clients’ values. (Unpublished doctoral dissertation). National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan. 】
  • Chu, M. C. (2020, April 9). Staring death in the face. Retrieved from https://www.sbc.edu.sg/staring-death-in-the-face/
  • Chu, M. C. (2020, May 20). 在网络世界中维持敬虔. Retrieved from https://www.sbc.edu.sg/在网络世界中维持敬虔/
  • Chu, M. C. (2020, February 24). 基督徒如何在疫情肆虐中维持心理健康. Retrieved from https://www.sbc.edu.sg/基督徒如何在疫情肆虐中维持心理健康/
Speaking engagements for
  • Sunday worship services
  • Fellowship gatherings
  • Adult Sunday schools
  • Seminars and special events
  • Chu, Mei-Chuan (2019). The ethics of integrating religion and spirituality into counselling. In P. H. Chen, M. C. Chu, Y. H. Huang, P. Yang, & H. X. Chao, Integrating religion and spirituality into counseling (pp. 39-64). Taipei: PsyGarden Publishing.

  • 朱美娟与 彭顺强(2015)。与恩主同行——以望憧憬明天。李耀全主编。《心灵关怀圣经》查经系列。香港:环球圣经公会。(撰写主题:人际关系,界线,沉溺,完美主义,生命周期)

  • Chu, M. C. (2014). Should we follow our hearts? In C. Chia, C. C. Lee, & C. Chang (Eds.) Managing Our Desires for Christ (pp.67–86). Singapore: Singapore Bible College.

  • 朱美娟、陈月莲、雷小龙与何志彬(2013)。与情绪共舞——走出人生阴霾。李耀全主编。《心灵关怀圣经》查经系列。香港:环球圣经公会。(撰写主题:妒忌,苦毒,忧虑,哀伤/痛失,自杀)

  • 朱美娟、陈月莲、何志彬(2012)。与恩主相遇——活出敬虔信仰。李耀全主编。《心灵关怀圣经》查经系列。香港:环球圣经公会。

  • 李耀全、何志彬、王德福、梁朱美娟(2011)。与情绪共舞--跃出人生低谷。李耀全主编。《心灵关怀圣经》查经系列。香港:环球圣经公会。(撰写主题:跃出创伤;跃出压力;跃出愁苦;跃出独处;跃出焦虑)

  • 朱美娟 (2010)。幫助未信主的配偶信主。载於心灵关怀圣经新译本。香港:环球圣经公会。

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