May 2018

Recently, we sent off 84 graduates. A graduate from SOTC testified how the lecturers have impacted him and I’d like to share his words with you:

… it is said that there are three types of good teachers. When you want to nail in something, the teacher gives you the hammer. This is a good teacher. The second teacher is when you want to climb to a peak, he or she gives you the ladder. This too is a good teacher. But the best teacher is the third person who opens the window. When you think that you have seen all the scenery, the teacher opens another window for you to make you see a new vista. We are very grateful that every teacher in SBC is someone who helps us open the window.

An old Chinese saying is true: Once a teacher, a lifetime a father/mother (一日为师,终身为父). Whether you have graduated recently or for many decades, I am sure you have fond memories of your teachers who invested their lives and made an impact on you. They have opened windows for you to see the beauty of God’s Word and the inner landscape of your soul.

Often, in the midst of the daily grind of ministry, we do not pause enough to pray, give thanks and express our gratefulness. As a faculty member, I am deeply encouraged by such affirming testimonies of students. As an alumnus, I am indebted to my teachers who paved the way for me to serve faithfully. If you have words of encouragement for your teachers, would you consider writing to them here? We will pass it on to them!

To all the 84 new SBC alumni, we welcome you to our community. May you be faithful servants of Jesus Christ as you shine for Him and echo John the Baptist’s words, “He must increase, but I must decrease” (John 3:30).

Grace and peace