Mar 2020

Mrs Eileen Kuhn, an OMF missionary, pioneered the Christian Education programme for the School of Theology, English in SBC in the late 1960s. This month she celebrates her 95th birthday! Although she is legally blind and has many health issues, her spirit is indomitable and her love for the Lord is awesome! Physically her body is deteriorating but her inner spirit is becoming more beautiful!

She shared a phrase with me that she had heard from her granddaughter – “beholding is becoming”! I mulled over this phrase for a long time and then preached a sermon in chapel on this very topic! I also discovered that John Piper had written a sermon on this!!!

Every true disciple of Jesus Christ is called to learn from his Master and become like Him! As we commune and worship Him daily, we will live and behave like our Master – as we gaze on the glory of God, virtue will proceed from him to repair all our decay, to renew a right spirit within us.

May we daily and intentionally behold the beauty of the Lord and inquire in His temple. Then the Holy Spirit will breathe into us His breath of life and change us to be more like Jesus. I am reminded of a song that captures this truth powerfully:

Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me,

All his wondrous compassion and purity,

Oh Thou Spirit divine,

All my nature refine,

Till the beauty of Jesus be seen in me.

(Listen to the song here)


As we carry on our daily tasks amidst COVID 19 and wrestle with many other challenges that confront us, may we behold Him more intensely and become more like Him! May Eileen Kuhn’s life encourage our hearts to press on because we too reflect the Lord’s glory…being transformed into His likeness with ever increasing glory… (2 Corinthians 3:18).