Mar 2018

It’s the time of the year when our graduating student don their robes for their graduation photo-taking. Do you still remember your cohort? I still recall fondly my MDiv classmates – “picking” durians besides the old block 5, parsing the dreadful Greek words, and pruning Mrs Poulson’s garden around campus. We had so many precious memories together. What are some of your beautiful memories of SBC?

If you have lost touch with your friends, let us know and we can help you reconnect with them. This means you need to update your contact with us regularly too! Not only do we connect you back to your alma mater, we are archiving thousands of photos to help bring back memories of SBC. If you have any photos (or videos), do share it with us. Tell us your story!

Here’s one story you can’t miss. Remember Mr David Lang (SOTE, 1988 BTh, 1992 MDiv)? He was my hermeneutics Professor and now my esteemed colleague. Who among us can recall his lessons on chiastic structures? And how many of us remember his loving care for his children together with Loo Geok (SOTE, 1988 BTh, 1991 MABS)? Do you know that Mr Lang, as we fondly call him, has been awarded the “Extraordinaire Caregiver Award 2018” given by Silver Caregivers Co-operative Limited (SCCL)? This award recognizes David for going far beyond the call of duty to give love, respect and devotion to care for his three children who suffered Niemann-Pick disease type C. This is what David said during the award ceremony:

     “I attribute my ability to care for my family because many people stood beside us, like our church and Singapore Bible College. Even strangers whom we did not know extended practical help … most importantly of all, it is by the help and hope we have received from our great God. May all glory be given to Him!” 

We praise God for David, and his example of living out his faith in spite of the tremendous challenges he faces daily.

Do you have a story to tell? A reason to celebrate? A struggle to share? This is why we need to keep in touch. This is why we need each other. SBConnect serves to connect people and impact God’s kingdom. Google analytics tell us that we have good readership of our monthly SBConnect! It’s amazing when we see our alumni impacting lives across the globe. Each month, we receive emails and letters from our alumni telling us what they are doing and how they are bringing the Gospel everywhere and impacting communities and culture.

As you serve faithfully, remember to pray for your alma mater and continue your good work!