Jan 2020

Dear fellow alumni,

I am blest and grateful to serve you as Alumni Advisor as we journey together in 2020! I look forward to meeting many of you who reside and serve in Singapore and the prospects of connecting with others who reside and serve overseas.

My prayer for 2020 is that God will teach me daily to number my days with His wisdom, and lead me in a straight path with strength and courage to do His perfect will. (Psalm 90:12 & 27:11). Because each new day is a gift from God, I want to live each day purposefully with His wisdom, and make it my gift to Him!

Two songs are running through my mind as I write this note to you. The first is one of gratitude to the Lord for the year that has just passed:

To God be the glory,

To God be the glory,

To God be the glory,

For the things He has done,

With His blood He has saved me,

With His power He has raised me,

To God be the glory,

For the things He has done.


The other is a song of dedication and surrender for the New Year:

Lord, I offer my life to You,

Everything I’ve been through,

Use it for your glory,

Lord, I offer my days to You,

Lifting my praise to You,

As a pleasing sacrifice,

Lord, I offer You my life.


May this be your prayer as well!

Please look at the SBC website for all the upcoming events and make an intentional commitment to look out for opportunities to grow. You can attend/listen to the chapel messages, courses that run through the year or special talks that are organized by the College.

Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed New Year, and to our Chinese friends, a blessed Lunar New Year!

English (UK)