Jan 2018

Warm greetings and blessed New Year! While the rest of Singapore bundle up with the unusually cold weather lately (it went down to below 22’C), I hope you are warming hearts and winning souls for the Lord.

Welcome to 2018! We make new year resolutions because a new beginning brings hope and a fresh start. We want to change and we claim on the promises of God to help us change – to lose some weight, to learn a new skill, to love our spouse more, or to lead our congregation skilfully.

Exciting changes are also happening to your Alma Mater!! Our website has a new look, our Thursday Combined Chapel sermons are posted online and our wireless network has gone warp speed! All these changes are possible because of a team of faithful staff working quietly behind the scenes, and partners like yourself who gave generously and sacrificially.

More importantly, SBC’s Executive Committee gathered together with our School Deans for three days to seek God last year. The College’s vision was refined for better clarity and a focused goal was set for 2018 to 2023. I would like to share this renewed vision and goal:



To nurture servant leaders, integrative thinkers and effective communicators of God’s Words for the edification of the Church to carry out God’s mission in Asia and beyond through excellent holistic theological education.


Goal (2018-2023)

To embrace SBC’s Vision of providing an excellent holistic theological education.

An excellent holistic theological education which:

  1. cultivates Christ-like community (relational);
  2. champions highest quality in formal, non- and in-formal theological education (educational);
  3. creates synergized streamlined processes and systems (operational)


As you read about these below, do let us know how we can serve you. Keep in touch and may 2018 bring much hope and joy to you and your family!