Ichthus Seminar Series IRCS0040 Print

Title : Preaching Old Testament Law to New Testament Christians

Speaker : Dr. Daniel I. Block

Date : 15 Mar 2008

Venue : Singapore Bible College

9-15 Adam Road Singapore 289886



If the Old Testament is a dead book for many Christians, the laws of the Old Testament are the deadest of all. In view of Paul’s declaration that Christians are free from the law, we make little effort either to understand the function of the law in ancient Israel or the relevance of Israelite law for Christians today. This seminar will attempt to explain the nature and purpose of the law for ancient Israel. It will suggest some guidelines that may help us apply the laws in ways that are true to the entire biblical record, that honor God through a life of obedience, and that encourage us to seek the welfare of others.

About the Speaker

Dr. Block, Gunther H. Knoedler Professor of Old Testament, lectures at Graduate School of Wheaton College since 2005. Dr. Block's educational background includes post-doctoral studies, Cambridge, University, Cambridge, UK (2002); D.Phil. in Semitics and Classical Hebrew, University of Liverpool, England (1982). Author of The Book of Ezekiel; Judges and Ruth & The Gods of the Nations: A Study in Ancient Near Eastern National Theology.
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