Feb 2021

We celebrated the lunar new year unlike no other new year as it was in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic with many restrictions!

It was also during this month that the Christian world was devastated with the 12 -page report of an investigation that was conducted on the late Ravi Zacharias from RZIM, the findings that were both compelling and condemning. Christians around the world have been shattered, the ministry of RZIM, and the Gospel of Christ has been questioned and tarnished. How does one make sense of all these especially when the ministry and teachings of this man had blest thousands of people worldwide? I for one was truly affected. I had numerous conversations with God about this matter and how this could happen to one reckoned as a man of God!

This month two articles were God-sent. One from Nick Stumbo and the other from Edmund Chan, our alumnus.

Stumbo concluded that this issue of sexual misconduct among Christian leaders is not uncommon…. is defaming the name of Christ and undermining their call at an alarming rate. He concludes with 5 ways to be proactive to change this pattern of misconduct (Click here to read his article) .

In point 3 Stumbo states that we should require ongoing emotional and relational training for all Christian leaders. Struggles with our negative sexual health do not get better when left unaddressed…. The struggle gets amplified over time.

Edmund Chan, in Salt&light gives an excellent response on how a grieving world should respond to this crisis. Let me quote a few key statements but would recommend that you read the entire article in this link (Click here to article).

Chan as a friend to Ravi had asked him some pointed questions on two occasions and Ravi had given him his rehearsed answer on both occasions. Chan gave him the benefit of the doubt but was deeply saddened to realize that my friend had deliberately lied. Chan went on to say that he has forgiven Ravi – As Christians, we embrace the undeserved grace that our Lord has shown unto us all. None of us is exempt. And forgiveness is not a mere doctrine but a decision and a special privilege that is ours in ChristHe went on to explain the need for a proper balance of posture – where there is a tender heartedness…forgiveness and grace, and position – where there is accountability and integrity, where right is right, and what is wrong is wrong.

Chan ends with four lessons. I quote the fourth – keep your eyes on Jesus – behold his cross and believe his gospel for no one (no matter how flawed or fallen) is beyond his redemptive reach.

May this ancient hymn cause us to stay rooted at the cross of Christ, with that posture of surrender and total dependence on Jesus our Saviour and Lord:

Jesus keep me near the cross

There a precious fountain

Free to all a healing stream

Flows from Calvary’s mountain

In the cross, in the cross

Be my glory ever

Till my raptured soul shall find

Rest beyond the river

(listen to the whole song here)