Feb 2020

Dear fellow alumni,

Our alumnus, Philip Chan (SOTE DipTh’81, BTh’87), entered Glory after battling with cancer for several years. Philip and his wife Christina Gwee (SOTE BTh’76), started the Hiding Place, a Christian rehabilitation centre for drug offenders. Philip was radically converted from drugs and alcoholism and for the next 41 years, God used Philip, Christina and the Hiding Place to bring many young and older men and their families to Christ. At his funeral, the chapel at Mandai was packed – with former inmates and their families, whom Philip had impacted. These men came to pay their last respects to one whom they regarded as their Papa!

As we think of the loss of a friend, brother and alumnus of SBC, the world is mourning the loss of thousands of people due to the COVID 19 virus, now an epidemic. Many people are sacrificing their lives to address this widespread disease. People on the ground are also fearful and confused.

In response to COVID 19, a Christian brother was encouraged by God’s promptings to Press the pause button so that he can listen to what God wants him to hear! Alumnus, Rev Edmund Chan (SOTE BTh’87) spoke these poignant words: Stop worrying about staying alive….be more concerned about living the life! Another alumnus said that God was calling her as a pastor to slow down…stop some activities and seek God’s wisdom.

Let us press the pause button and listen to God’s voice, live our lives purposefully, seize the divine opportunities that come our way, and seek to live exemplary lives for the glory of God, as we wait expectantly for His return!

May we resonate with the Psalmist when he said: My soul finds rest in God alone….He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken….because God is strong and He is loving. (Psalm 62:1-2, 11-12).