Feb 2018

Blessed Lunar New Year! It’s a time when we gather for reunion dinners, give red packets (angpows), and gain extra weight around our tummy! May your celebrations and reunions bring many opportunities to share God’s goodness and generosity through His Son Jesus Christ.

In his Lunar New Year greetings, Dr Clement Chia reminded us to pay attention to our spiritual, emotional and physical health. Indeed, pastors, missionaries, and marketplace ambassadors for Christ face many pressures and challenges. Help us to help you! Let us know how we can serve you by completing this survey to know your needs so that we can craft training programs for you.

We want you to stay connected with us. And we are grateful for our alumni who sacrificially serve our community by volunteering their time and energy. We praise God for faithful servants who have served their term and recently stepped down: Rev David Ng Teck Seng (SOTC, BTh 1991), Ps Peterus Lim Ka Njan (SCM, BCM 2010) and Mr Norman Ang Kim San (SOC, MAC 2013). Thank you for your labour of love! Please also join me to thank the following alumni who recently joined their school’s alumni committees: Ps Eric Yee Tat Foo (SOTC, BTh 1992), Sharon Wang Sheng Ren (SCM, MCM 2002), Rita Liew Lee Yung (SCM, BCM 1992) and Ms Lam Mai Leng (SOC, MAC 2013). We are grateful to the chairpersons and the team members of the various school alumni committee for their leadership and dedication. May the Lord add richly to your service.

Have a joy-filled and heart-warming Lunar New Year!