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Master of Divinity (Biblical Studies Concentration)

The MDiv at SBC allows exploration of areas of ministry interests by giving students the flexibility of taking concentration courses. The Biblical Studies concentration focuses on Bible exegesis in preparation for ministries in teaching and research.  Other concentrations available include Pastoral Ministries and Inter-Cultural Studies. 

First Year Semester 1  CR   First Year Semester 2  CR
TEOT4020 OT Foundations 3   TEOT4030 OT Studies I 3
TENT4030 Hermeneutics 3   TENT4020 NT Foundations 2
TENT4040 Biblical Greek 1 3   TENT4050 Biblical Greek II 3
TECH4010 Survey of Church History 3   TECH4020 Asian Church History 2
TEPT4010 Intro to Christian Spirituality 3   TEIS4010 Missiological Perspectives 3
TEFE4010 Field Education 1   TEPT4030 Homiletics I 3
TEGK4010 Research and Writing (non-credited requirement) 1   TEFE4010 Field Education 1
    16       17
Second Year Semester 1     Second Year Semester 2  
TEOT4070 Biblical Hebrew I 3   TEOT4080 Biblical Hebrew II 3
TEOT4040 OT Studies II 3   TEOT4050 OT Studies III 3
TENT4060 NT Studies I 3   TEOT4070 NT Studies II 3
TEPT4060 Pastoral Theology and Ministry 3   TETH4010 Systematic Theology I 3
TEFE4010 Field Education 1   TEFE4010 Field Education 1
  BS Concentration 1       BS Concentration 2  
TENT4090 NT Exegesis I 3   TENT4100 NT Exegesis II 3
    16       16
Third Year Semester 1     Third Year Semester 2  
TETH4020 Systematic Theology II 3   TENT4080 NT Studies III 2
TEPT4040 Homiletics II 2   TETH4030 Systematic Theology III 3
TEPT4070 Pastoral Counseling 3   TETH4050 Gospel, Church and Culture 3
TETH4040 Christian Ethics 3   TEPT4110 Captstone Course 3
TESI4010 Shadow Internship*** 2   TECE4020 Teaching-Learning Process 3
  BS Concentration 3       BS Concentration 4  
TEOT4090 OT Exegesis I 3   TEOT4100 OT Exegesis II 3
    16       17
           Total units for this degree 98
***Internship can be taken during the holiday before 3rd year  



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