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Our multicultural faculty with adjunct and affiliate professors is composed of more than 50 members. They are multinational and represent most of the denominational and non-denominational churches in Protestant traditions.

Rev. Dr. Elijah Liang Yi Li Yah

School of Theology (Chinese)

  • Dean
  • Field Education Coordinator
  • Associate Professor in New Testament


  • PhD, Taiwan Theological College and Seminary
  • ThM, Singapore Bible College
  • MDiv, Singapore Bible College

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Biographical Information 

Rev. Liang is the Dean of School of Theology, Chinese and Field Education Coordinator. He was SBC’s adjunct from 2000-2012, and became a full-time professor since 2015, with special interest in Pauline ethics. He studies and teaches the Word fervently, because he believes that “The unfolding of your words gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple” (Ps. 119:130) which brings about the transformation of life.

Rev. Liang was the Senior pastor of Coronation Baptist Church (CBC, 1999-2012), and now serves as the Interim Senior Pastor there. He speaks and teaches each week at churches in Singapore and overseas. He is also a Solemnizer of Registry of Marriages Singapore.

His wife Chu Mei Chuan is also a SBC lecturer. They have two grown sons Nathan & Jonan. The family worships and serves at CBC.

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  • Acts & Pauline Epistles
  • Four Gospels
  • Introduction to the New Testament
  • New Testamen Ethics
  • The Epistle of Galatians
  • The Epistle of Romans
  • Greek Grammar
  • Greek Exegesis
  • Hebrew Exegesis
  • Practical Homiletics
  • Song of Songs
  • New Testament Studies
  • Pauline Epistles and Ethics
  • The Epistles of Galatians and Ethics

Unpublished Research
  • 梁以利亞。《雅歌單元的自足性》。道學碩士論文。新加坡:新加坡神學院,1995。[“Self-Contained Units of Song of Songs.” MDiv Thesis. Singapore: Singapore Bible College, 1995.]
  • 梁以利亞。《問安在釋經上的重要性:加拉太書與羅馬書問安的研究》。神學碩士論文。新加坡:新加坡神學院,2000。[“The Hermeneutical Significance of Pauline Prescipt: Galatians and Romans.” ThM Thesis. Singapore: Singapore Bible College, 2000.]
  • 梁以利亞。《與基督同死同活:加拉太書保羅倫理之探討》。台灣神學院研究部神學博士論文。台北:台灣神學院,2015。[“Dying and Living with Christ: A Study of Paul Ethics in Galatians.” PhD Dissertation. Taipei: Taiwan Theological College and Seminary, 2015.]

Class Notes
  • Theology
    Systematic Theology 1, 2 & 3; Apologetics.
  • Biblical Languages
    Functional Hebrew, Hebrew Grammar, Hebrew Exegesis; Functional Greek, Greek Grammar, Greek Exegesis.
  • Old Testament
    Introduction to the Old Testament; Psalms and Wisdom Books; Introduction to the Prophets; Song of Songs; Apocalyptic; Biblical Exegesis.
  • New Testament
    Introduction to the New Testament; Galatians Exegesis; Exploring Galatians 17 Lessons; Acts & Pauline Epistles; Pauline Ethics; New Testament Ethics; Paul and His Co-workers.

Chinese Bible Revision

Chinese Contemporary Bible by International Bible Society.

  • 梁以利亞。〈以保羅對τὰ στοιχεῖα(加4:3, 9)的用法看保羅的處境交會〉。《台灣神學論刊》38 (2014): 19-47。[“Understanding Paul’s Contextual Intersection by His Usage of τὰστοιχεῖα (Gal. 4:3, 9).” Taiwan Journal of Theology 38 (2014): 19-47.]
  • 梁以利亚。〈“所是” 先于 “所行” - 从加拉太书看伦理与灵命操练〉。《伦理之情、牧者之怀》。新加坡:新加坡神学院,2017。[“‘Being’ Precedes ‘Doing’: Ethics and Spiritual Formation in Galatians.” in Ethics and Pastoral. Singapore: Singapore Bible College, 2017.]
  • 梁以利亞。〈再思保羅倫理與希羅德性倫理 ―― 探討聖靈果子之含意〉。《山道期刊》41 (2018): 25-47。[“Rethinking Paul’s Ethics as Compared to Graeco-Roman Virtue Ethics ― Implication of the Fruit of the Spirit.” Hill Road 41 (2018): 25-47.]
  • 梁以利亞。〈教会不分家:从加2:1-10反思植堂、宣教是分植抑或分裂〉。《宣教情.上帝心:21世纪宣教的挑战和契机》。111-145。新加坡:浸信会神学院,2019。[“The Church is not Divided: Reflection of Gal. 2:1-10 on whether Church Planting or Missions is Growing or Splitting the Church.” In The Spirit of Mission & Heart of God: 21st Century Challenge and Opportunity in Mission. Singapore: Baptist Theological Seminary, 2019.]
  • Coronation Baptist Church, Interim Senior Pastor.
  • Solemnizer of Registry of Marriages Singapore.
  • Speaking, Teaching and Training Ministry (Song of Songs; Become A Contagious Christian; Biblical Perspectives on Homosexuality; Gospels and Pauline Perspectives on Possession; New Perspretive of Paul and Chinese Church; 21st Century Challenges and Wayout in Biblical Ethics; 21 Century Neuroethics and Christian Theology; 21 Century Big Data Ethics and Reflections).

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