Our Faculty Members

Our multicultural faculty with adjunct and affiliate professors is composed of more than 50 members. They are multinational and represent most of the denominational and non-denominational churches in Protestant traditions.

Mr David Lang

School of Theology (English)

  • Associate Professor of Hermeneutics, Biblical and Systematic Theology


  • Ph.D. Candidate, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
  • M. Div., Singapore Bible College
  • B. Th. Singapore Bible College


Mr David Lang competed his Bachelor of Theology at the Singapore Bible College in 1988 and upon graduation served as a pastor for 3 years in Foochow Methodist Church. After completing his Masters of Divinity studies at SBC in 1992, he remained to teach under the Faculty-in- Preparation scheme. 1n 1994 he went to Trinity Evangelical Divinity School for his doctoral studies in Biblical and Systematic Theology. He completed all the doctoral course work and examinations successfully and started writing his dissertation: The Image of God: A Hermeneutical, Canonical and Narrative Theology. In 1997, in the course of writing his dissertation, his six year old daughter started neurological degeneration that needed round the clock care. As such he and his family had to return to Singapore end 1997 and started teaching at SBC again from 1998 till now. Subsequently his two younger children also started degeneration at around the age of seven, His second child Timothy passed away at the age of 10. The children were eventually diagnosed as the Niemann Pick Disease Type-C, also nicknamed as “Childhood Alzheimer. This a very rare debilitative and fatal metabolic disease-Since 1998, Mr Lang has been teaching at the Singapore Bible College.

Mr Lang edited and publish Transforming the Nations: Perspectives on Discipleship Today (SBC, 2016), including the chapter on “Discipleship: re-examination the Concept and Some of the Issues.” He also wrote semi-technical articles in local journals. These include “Crisis of Biblical Literacy,” (Ethos, 2016), Let the Sick Call on the Elders: A Re-examination of James 5:14 (Foochow Methodis Church, 2009). His article on “What is a Spiritual Gift” (Pray for Us, SBC, 2000) which argue that Charisma must be read in the context of Paul’s corrective theology This article received special commendation from W. Ward Gasque

Mr Lang worships at Foochow Methodist Church, where he is a preacher. He is actively involved in counseling and giving talks on grief, suffering and biblical perspective on miracles and healing. He sits in the leadership team of Crisis Relief Alliance, a charity founded in Singapore. He also help to promote and teach the use BibleWorks in various seminaries in Singapore. This is a software for research and study of the Bible in the original languages,

Mr Lang’s wife, Seow Loo-Geok, is an alumni of Singapore Bible College. Besides helping provide round the clock intensive care for their two surviving children, Justina aged 26 and Titus aged, 19, she sometimes teaches the Hebrew language at Singapore Bible college as an adjunct.

  • Theology
  • Hermeneutics
  • Biblical Hermeneutics and Canonical Approaches.
  • Text Linguistics, Narrative Analysis, Rhetorical and New Literary Criticism
  • Christology, Pneumatology, & Eschatology
  • Biblical theology including themes on Image of God, Kingship, and Temple.
  • Christian Spirituality, Suffering & Healing
  • Pentateuch, Gospels, Romans & Revelation