College Administration System


S$ 334,500


Implementation cost (S$700k) 7 years of maintenance cost (S$800k)

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About the campaign

About our need:
SBC needs 1.5 million (before GST) to implement a new College Administration System. This comprises an implementation cost of S$700K and 7 years of negotiated maintenance at S$800K. 

Reasons for need:
Singapore Bible College (SBC) has been using an application developed in-house called the Student Administration System (SAS) to store, process, and report on our student administration operations. But over the years, SAS has become too cumbersome to sustain and challenging to use for the following reasons:

Poor security
  • Lacks appropriate governance and control
  • Lacks industry best practices
Poor fit
  • Not integrated with our finance system
  • Lacks development strategy as it was a piecemeal development
Poor Utility
  • Lacks documentation
  • Shows signs of instability and slowness

This is why we are purchasing an Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL) administrative system, which will improve our workflow efficiency, governance, accountability of the core academic operational processes, and the supporting operations of the College. The new system will allow us to adapt our operations to its generic workflows without compromising our key procedures, whenever possible.

We are naming the project of purchasing and implementing this new IHL system 1LJSr:

We thank you for your faithful and vital partnership in fulfilling the mission of SBC. As we look toward fortifying our daily processes and operations, we seek your prayers and support for the 1LJSr project.

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