Jul-Nov 2019

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The Certificate of Church Ministry (CCM) aims to provide the knowledge, skills and attitude that are contextually relevant to churches today. The CCM curriculum is anchored on the five fundamentals of Singapore Bible College: 1. Bible-based, 2. Missions-directed, 3. Christ-centred, 4. Context-relevant, 5. Church-oriented.

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The Certificate of Church Ministry comprises of four modules, two core and two electives.
Different modules will be offered in each semester. At the pace of one module per semester, students will be able to graduate with a CCM in two years. 

The Modules & Speakers BioGRAPHY


Rev. Dr. Rachel Rajagopal

An alumna of SBC, is the Founder of Faith Ablaze International Ministries (FAIM). Called as a global disciple-maker of pastors and leaders, she provides an invaluable platform to enable others to live honorable, Christ-centred lives. She has a DMin in Intercultural Studies (Australia) and is a Langham Author. Her book, Unashamed Servant-Leadership, is part of Langham’s Global Perspective Series.

[ Leadership & Preaching Elective ]


Servant-leadership is purposeful, functional leadership that will contribute to the society.  As followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, our exercise of leadership should be an effective contribution to the Great Commission (Mathew 28: 19-20). Both theoretical and practical understanding of servant-leadership will be dynamically discussed through these sessions.

Registration Deadline: 20/07/2019

[ Leadership & Preaching Elective ]


It is a sin to bore people with the Bible, so add a little spice to your homiletical stew. The Bible itself is full of variety, and this course approaches the Bible as literature to ask how the form of the text can influence the form of the sermon. Is the text a story, parable, proverb, or poetry? Learn how to handle those genres with variety.

Registration Deadline: 22/07/2019

Dr. Jeffrey Arthurs

He was raised in western PA in a nominally Christian home and came to faith in Christ at age 14. His life took a turn as he soon became engaged in the life of the church, receiving a call to preach at age 16, a passion that lasted until today. As a Professor of Preaching, he uses his wide-ranging communication experience to equip others for more effective proclamation of the Word.

Dr. Joel Navarro

Professor of Music and teaches courses for the Master of Church Music major in Choral Conducting. The conductor of SBC Canticorum, he taught previously at Calvin College, University of the Philippines College of Music, and Ateneo de Manila University. He is the recipient of numerous awards in teaching, composition, arrangement, performance, and competition.

[ Worship Elective ]


Sacred choral literature as we know it today owes much to centuries of music development in the European continent. This course will study many examples of sacred choral literature from the Medieval to the Classical Periods. This course is intended not only for study and performance in Christian worship but also to develop a Christian mind which can examine music and texts relevant for musical and ministerial purposes. Students will be given a specific time to introduce and teach the assigned piece to the class as a laboratory choir experience. The lecturer intervenes as necessary.


Current or prospective worship leader, worship or music ministry leaders, or pastors.

Registration Deadline: 18/07/2019

[ Worship Elective ]


Worship Design and Leadership will help those involved in planning and leading worship services in both traditional and contemporary settings. This practical course will encourage skills that produce worship services which are God-focused, musically tight and clear in leadership.  This class will look at how to better improve script-writing, song selection, effective liturgy and basic rehearsal technique, for a smooth, meaningful and powerful worship service.


Current or prospective worship leader, worship or music ministry leaders, or pastors.

Registration Deadline: 29/06/2019

Ps. Joseph Lee

A trained musician and pastor, is Associate Professor of Church Music and Worship at the School of Church Music. Humbled at the many opportunities to grow and encourage church musicians throughout Southeast Asia, he believes servant leadership as another “donkey under heaven” as crucial.

Mrs. Penny Quek

Graduated with Master of Arts in Pastoral Counselling in 2010. Specialising in marriage and family therapy, she counselled at Focus on the Family and is currently a freelance counsellor and personal therapist at SBC. Actively involved in church, she also conducts mental health workshops and lay-counselling training for churches.

[ Counselling Elective ]


This module equips you with foundational counselling skills so that you can confidently engage with those who need help. You will also learn about boundaries and code of ethics for your own safety and self-care. For practice, role-plays will be conducted for counselling issues such as marriage, loneliness, situational crisis, mental health and so on. This course will empower you to journey with the person you are helping.

Registration Deadline: 29/06/2019

[ Bible Elective ]


We cannot understand Jesus and the New Testament correctly unless we understand the Jewish and Greco-Roman world of the first century in which they originated and to whom they spoke.  This module will survey the historical events and cultural and religious developments from the end of Old Testament times that formed the first-century world in which Jesus was born.  Come and learn to hear the New Testament with first-century ears.

Registration Deadline: 04/07/2019

Dr. Brian H. Thomas

He has served as Assistant Professor of New Testament at Singapore Bible College (SOTE) since 2014, where he also teaches theology, apologetics, and ethics. He received his DTh in New Testament Theology from Trinity Theological College. He has lived and ministered in Singapore since 2005 with his family.

Rev. Dr.
Samuel Law

He is Associate Professor in Intercultural Studies at Singapore Bible College and Pastor-at-Large of the Evangelical Chinese Church of Seattle, and comes with more than twenty years of pastoral ministry experience.

Mr. Joshua Tan

He is Director of Baptist Global Response International, adjunct Mission Lecturer at Singapore Bible College, Baptist Theological Seminary Singapore and Bethany International University, and the Founder and Chief Editor, Xin Qiao Magazine.

[ Mission Elective ]

Holistic Strategies
for Ministry and Missions

Designed for laity, mission committees, and pastors to develop holistic ministry and mission practices, students will understand the relationship of Kingdom, Church, and missions in a Trinitarian framework and its expression in life.  Topics covered include being a missional church that balances Word and Works, biblically informed missions programs, and designing holistic short-term missions.  Optional practicums in Singapore (31 August) and a vision trip to India (8 – 13 Sept) at extra cost will be offered.

AUG 31 in Singapore and SEP 8-13 in Jharkhand,
India, both at additional cost.

Registration Deadline: 13/07/2019


Each module lasts 24 hours, spreading over either

  1. Weekly basis (e.g. meeting 2 hours weekly, from 7.30–9.30pm) or
  2. Intensive basis (e.g. 4 Saturdays, meeting 6 hours weekly, from 9.00am–4.00pm)

Note: Module commencement is subjected to a minimum class size of 10.


Students are required to complete four modules, which consist of two core and two elective modules, to be awarded a Certificate of Church Ministry and attend a graduation ceremony in November. Programme students may only be absent for up to 4 hours per module.

Students who meet the 80% attendance criteria will be awarded with a Certificate of Attendance from the Centre for Servant Leaders.


Applicants should

  1. be a born-again Christian and member of good standing in his/ her church
  2. have lay ministry and leadership experience (preferred)
  3. have minimum of N / O levels or equivalent
  4. fulfill the module pre-requisites if any

Applicants may enrol in a certificate programme at the start.
Applicants may also enrol in any module without having to enrol in a certificate programme.

Note: This programme is open to Singaporeans, Permanent Residents and those with valid residency pass in Singapore.

Closing date for registration




The fees (inclusive of 7% GST) are as follow

  • Fee per Module: S$256.80
  • One-time Application fee: S$ 32.10
  • One-time Programme enrolment fee: S$ 74.90

All fees paid are non-refundable.

Total Programme fee (4 modules): S$1,134.20

There will be no refund once the semester commences.

SBC alumni & full time staff will enjoy a 50% discount off Module fee.

Part time SBC staff, spouse of faculty/staff/student/alumni will enjoy a 25% discount off Module fee.


a. By Cheque:

  1. Issue the cheque to ‘Singapore Bible College Limited’.
  2. Indicate the ‘CCM module/s & applicant’s name’ behind the cheque.
  3. Mail it to “Centre for Servant Leaders – CCM, 9–15 Adam Road Singapore 289886” latest by a week before module commencement.

b. By Cash:

  1. Please make the payment at Singapore Bible College Cashier during office hours: Mondays to Fridays 9.30am–4.30pm.

c. By Bank Transfer:

  1. Please snapshot an image of the successful payment receipt and email to us in order to match your payment with our bank statement. Do indicate your name/mobile# in the initial section.   
    Singapore Bible College Limited

    United Overseas Bank Ltd.     
    A/C no. 451-308-703-3

JAN–MAY 2020 MODULES (Upcoming)

  • Theology for Everyone (Core)
  • What it Meant What it Means (Core)
  • Counselling Issues 1*
  • Christian Worship*
  • Choral Literature 3*

*elective module


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