Jan-May 2020

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The Certificate of Church Ministry (CCM) aims to provide the knowledge, skills and attitude that are contextually relevant to churches today. The CCM curriculum is anchored on the five fundamentals of Singapore Bible College: 1. Christ-centred, 2. Bible-based, 3. Church-oriented, 4. Missions-directed, 5. Context-relevant.

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The Certificate of Church Ministry comprises of four modules, two core and two electives. Different modules will be offered in each semester. At the pace of one module per semester, students will be able to graduate with a CCM in two years. The detailed syllabus of the respective modules will be provided when available.

The Modules & Speakers Bio


Dr Simon Chan

Formerly Earnest Lau Professor of Systematic Theology at Trinity Theological College. Currently, he is editor of the Asia Journal of Theology and continues to conduct spiritual retreats for lay leaders at TTC.


Theology for Everyone

The module is a survey of basic Bible doctrines from the doctrine of God to the “End Times”. While noting different theological views, the main focus of the module is to highlight the most essential features of each doctrine as commonly held by the major Christian traditions. The aim is to give students a broad overview of the faith of the Church and to appreciate the importance of Christian doctrines for practical living.

Registration Deadline: 27/12/2019

Please refer to fee for e-module below.


What It Meant, What It Means: How to Interpret the Bible Rightly

The question “what does it mean to me?” is inseparable from “what did it mean to its original audience?” to understand the Bible accurately. Failure to observe this distinction risks twisting God’s Word. So how do we hear the Bible clearly as God’s speech, both ancient and modern? And how can we build solid bridges between the Bible’s world and ours? Come and learn how to interpret the Bible rightly while avoiding common errors.

Registration Deadline: 28/02/2020

Please refer to fee for e-module below.

Rev Dr Jerry Hwang

Joined the faculty of Singapore Bible College in 2010 and has been the Academic Dean of the School of Theology (English) since July 2017. He teaches and publishes on a variety of subjects in Old Testament, Hebrew, and mission studies. Prior to coming to SBC, Dr Hwang served as both a pastor and IT professional. His PhD in Old Testament is from Wheaton College.

Mrs I’Ching Thomas

has been a missionary in the Middle East, an itinerant apologist with RZIM and now Director of Global Leadership Development with OM. Her Contributions in the area of cultural apologetics include Jesus: The Path to Human Flourishing (Graceworks, 2018), to the best-selling book, Beyond Opinion (Thomas Nelson, 2007), and the upcoming The Harvest Handbook of World Religions (Harvest, 2020).



In relating to non-Christians, we often claim that Jesus is the answer. However, do we know what the questions are? This module seeks to explore relevant and compelling ways to defend and present the Gospel of Christ to those who not know him. We will examine cultural and religious differences as well as learn about the obstacles that stand in the way of many coming to the Christian faith.

Registration Deadline: 14/02/2020


Deepening Awareness of Self, Others and God

Self-awareness can become self-centeredness if it does not include others and God. This module aims to help you understand how your psychological make-up, beliefs and values affect your manner of relating with others and God. It is hoped that in completing this module, you would be able to live out more convincingly the Lord’s exhortation, “Love your God with all your heart, soul and mind.… Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Registration Deadline: 27/12/2019

Dr Donna Lim

is an adjunct lecturer and counsellor at the Singapore Bible College (SOC). Also trained in spiritual accompaniment with the Community for Spiritual Formation, she has been accompanying believers who desire to grow deep with God. She serves in her church’s counselling ministry and volunteers at HealthServe, an organization which helps migrant workers.

Dr Soh Choon Lee

She is an adjunct lecturer and counselor at SBC, and also has her own private counseling practice. She works with youth, adults, and couples dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma, and relationship issues, and also conducts rehabilitation and family programs for inmates in the prison.



Dealing with difficult people in ministry is one of the biggest challenges, especially the most sacrificial and faithful servants of God.  And we should serve and love one another, regardless.  If you must deal with people who are always angry, complaining, frustrating, intimidating, disappointing, or discouraging, come and learn the “why” and the “how” in dealing with them. This course will benefit not only pastors and lay leaders, but also anyone who interact with another human being.

Registration Deadline: 21/02/2020



This course will help anyone serving at any level of leadership to think biblically, act wisely and lead effectively. The emphasis is on the leader as a person, working with others, to fulfil God’s calling, faithfully and fruitfully.

Registration Deadline: 17/01/2020

Rev Dr David Wong

in his 40 years of ministry, has pastored two Bible-Presbyterian churches, and in between trained leaders from over 100 nations with Haggai Institute. He is the author of 15 books, most notably, Finishing Well and Beyond Finishing Well, a lyricist of 6 musicals and an adjunct faculty of SBC.


Each module lasts 24 hours, spreading over either

  1. Weekly basis (e.g. meeting 2 hours weekly, from 7.30–9.30pm) or
  2. Intensive basis (e.g. 4 Saturdays, meeting 6 hours weekly, from 9.00am–4.00pm)

Note: Module commencement is subjected to a minimum class size of 10.


Students are required to complete four modules, which consist of two core and two elective modules, to be awarded a Certificate of Church Ministry and attend a graduation ceremony in November. Programme students may only be absent for up to 4 hours per module.

Students who meet the 80% attendance criteria will be awarded with a Certificate of Attendance from the Centre for Servant Leaders.


Applicants should

  1. be a born-again Christian and member of good standing in his/ her church
  2. have lay ministry and leadership experience (preferred)
  3. have minimum of N / O levels or equivalent
  4. fulfill the module pre-requisites if any

Applicants may enrol in a certificate programme at the start.
Applicants may also enrol in any module without having to enrol in a certificate programme.

Note: This programme is open to Singaporeans, Permanent Residents and those with valid residency pass in Singapore.

Closing date for registration

Note: Registration is confirmed only after payment of fees. Please make payment upon registration.



The fees (inclusive of 7% GST) are as follow

  • Fee per E-Module: S$149.80
  • Fee per Module: S$256.80
  • One-time Application fee: S$ 32.10
  • One-time Programme enrolment fee: S$ 74.90

Total Programme fee (4 modules): S$920.20

There will be no refund once the module commences.

SBC alumni & full time SBC staff will enjoy a 50% discount off Module fee.

Part time SBC staff, spouse of faculty/staff/student/alumni will enjoy a 25% discount off Module fee.


a. By Cheque:

  1. Issue the cheque to ‘Singapore Bible College Limited’.
  2. Indicate the ‘CCM module/s & applicant’s name’ behind the cheque.
  3. Mail it to “Centre for Servant Leaders – CCM, 9–15 Adam Road Singapore 289886″.

b. By Cash:

  1. Please make payment at Singapore Bible College Cashier during office hours: Mondays to Fridays 9.30am–4.00pm.

c. By Bank Transfer:

  1. Please snapshot an image of the successful payment receipt and email to us in order to match your payment with our bank statement. Do indicate your name/mobile# in the initial section.

    Singapore Bible College Limited

    United Overseas Bank Ltd.     
    A/C no. 451-308-703-3


All required fields must be completed to proceed further.

Note: Registration is confirmed only after payment of fees. Please make payment upon registration.

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