Blended Learning
at SBC

In recent years, digital and internet technology has made interactive learning between teacher-students and student-students more efficient and effective in many ways. Even in a primarily face-to-face (F2F) mode of learning, the use of digital technologies in learning activities is able to increase learning effectiveness significantly. Online learning not only overcomes the limitations of geographic distance, asynchronous online learning activities also provide flexibility for students to learn at their own time.

Graphics: Asynchronous and synchronous learning activities could be done offline and online.

At SBC, whether in formal, non-formal, and informal education, we seek to build up our community through blended learning: designing synchronous and asynchronous learning activities using both physical and online platforms. Currently, while most of our programs and their courses are delivered primarily by F2F with blended learning elements, we are in the process of developing more fully online courses and in time to come a few fully online programs. As such, students may expect to be enriched with a variety of F2F and online learning experiences during their studies at SBC.