Be Responsible, and Multiply

Dear partners of SBC, we praise the Lord for your faithful support in the retaining walls repairs project. Since fundraising began in the second half of February, we have been deeply encouraged by the positive response from our faculty, staff, students, alumni, and all our supporters. Your trust in God’s mission in and through SBC has spurred us on.


What has gladdened us even more is that, within two months, your donations have already exceeded the target amount! We assure you that we hold to the principle of stewardship in handling the project funds—we continue to practise prudence by being transparent and accountable to our partners in God’s ministries. 


We commit to paying for the project’s expenditures in full upon completion. This will include additional pandemic-related labour and material costs, which are yet to be confirmed. And what do we intend for the surplus? We will ensure that your donations, given in faith, are multiplied in God’s mission in and through SBC—by training faithful servants of Jesus Christ to edify the body of Christ and to make disciples of all nations. 


Education is what matters most in a college. We seek to provide a holistic theological education for our students, who have been called by God for the mission fields. SBC’s infrastructure provides the ‘house’ for our core mission—theological education. But what makes this house a ‘home’ is our faculty who teach, our students who learn, and our staff who facilitate the on- and off-campus as well as on-site and online operations. 


We are so thankful for our faculty and staff, who have been serving faithfully and tirelessly while holding to high standards of Christian values, godly ethics, and professionalism, even when pressed by the ever-changing circumstances of the pandemic. Whether through their knowledge, skills, or expertise, they give high-quality academic and professional training to our students. How the College wishes we could provide for them better, as the ones who give life to our home! 


Our current surplus reminds us of our Lord Jesus speaking about a steward’s responsibility: “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked” (Luke 12:48). We yearn to see your offering multiplied through the life-giving work of our faculty and staff for our students. Ultimately, fundraising is not about the amounts collected but the people nurtured in their calling to advance God’s mission.  


Dear friends, please would you prayerfully participate in our mission of theological education by laying down strong supports for the ‘house’ of our employees and students: 


  • Student scholarships: an average of $12k yearly
    for one student’s tuition, EduTech, and food fees
  • Faculty salaries and welfare: an average of $80k
    yearly for one faculty member
  • Staff salaries and welfare: an average of $50k
    yearly for one staff member
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