Apr 2018

The value of any network is the relationships – the people we meet, connect and receive support. Networking is not just a business term for professionals. Social media giants like Facebook, WeChat, LinkedIn, and Twitter know that the more connected you are, the more information you will receive. This leads to more influence and impact you will make. A network is only as strong as the relationships within. And the strength of this relationship is usually measured by the trust we have with one another and the “meaningfulness” of that relationship.

We are all part of SBC’s extensive alumni network. We have over 3000 people connected together in more than 60 countries across the globe. But SBC’s alumni network is so much more than just a platform to socialize and exchange information. We Share, Bear, and Care! We have strong relationships with one another because we have a shared narrative. We trust one another because we have borne each other’s burdens as students. And we have meaning in our relationship because we care for one another. Ultimately, we have a common purpose – to glorify God!

How important is this network? When it comes to problems, we can’t go on our own for too long before we feel the frustration. There is a passage in Scripture that reminds us of the importance and benefits of being together. Ecclesiastes 4:9 tells us, “Two people are better than one person, because they can enjoy a better benefit from their toil.” The passage also reminds us that we are weak (v.10), vulnerable (v.11) and we have assailants (v.12). Just as there’s a proverb which says “Shared joy is double joy. Shared sorrow is half sorrow,” we cannot remain aloof without suffering alienation.

This is why your participation in our activities and the life of the SBC community is so important! If you are starting a new ministry, changing directions, moving to a new field, or just looking for a recommendation, having a trusted friend’s input is so valuable. In an era of fake news and exponential information growth (and confusion), a referral, a good word, or someone pointing to the right direction often saves us time and effort. Our alumni network is here to share your joys and sorrows. We are here to network you to the family of God. What’s more, your alma mater cares and prays for you!

How can you stay connected? Visit our website, participate in our activities, enrol in our programs, or just drop by. I have a good cup of coffee waiting for you! Better still, offer your services to us! Or refer a student to us. There are many ways you can give back. And don’t forget to join our Homecoming on 24 September 2018!

A cord of three strands is not quickly torn apart!

Stay connected