Alumni Associations and Fellowship

There are a few Alumni Association Committees and Fellowship groups partnering with the Alumni & Church Relations Office. Get in touch with them today.

SOTC Alumni Committee:

  • Yee Tat Foo (Chairperson)
  • Hoon Buay Siong Timothy
  • Ng Lian Wen Moses
  • Ng Teck Seng David
  • Tan Chwee Huat Moses
  • Wong Ai Kiu Lydia
  • Wen Ya Hui

SOTE Alumni Committee:

  • Andrew Thinagaran (Chairperson)
  • Goh Poh Lai Kevin
  • Koh Siang Kiang
  • Lee Annabel
  • Lee Chor Ing Ivy
  • Lim Lay Hua Nancy
  • Low Quee Huay Estella
  • Tan Gek Choon Jabez
  • Yong Siew Choo Daphne

SCM Alumni Committee:

  • Wang Sheng Ren Sharon (Chairperson)
  • Teng Siew Foong Maureen
  • Nyoto Lientjie Indahwati

SOC Alumni Committee:

  • Lam Mai Leng (Chairperson)
  • Ang Kim San Norman

Malaysia Alumni Committee:

  • Chua Seow Kang (Chairperson)
  • Koh Siam Jian Melvin
  • Teng Siew Foong Maureen
  • Teong Siew Huong
  • Hoo Kie Hua Keith
  • Chok Siaw Moi
  • Ngor Sui Cheng

Australia Alumni Fellowship:

  • Houng Yu Ngee (Point of contact)

New Zealand Alumni Fellowship:

  • Chan Keng Par (Point of contact)

Alumni Advisor:

Dr Violet James

She has been teaching in the Singapore Bible College for the past 41 years primarily in Church History and Asian Religions. She is currently an adjunct lecturer and Alumni Advisor. She is an associate pastoral staff at Yio Chu Kang Chapel where she serves in the Women’s Prayer Ministry.