Formed by a passionate commitment to biblical authority, inspiration, and exposition. Actively engaged in proclaiming God’s Word all around the world. 

The Singapore Bible College is a community of life long learners and they stay connected with their alma mater and are strengthened and encouraged to grow as faithful servants of Jesus Christ even as they serve the churches as pastors, music ministers and administrative staff, the mission fields as missionaries, the para-church organization, in the market place as counsellors and in the homes as home-makers.

As life-long learners, they have opportunities to deepen their commitments, enhance their ministries and be a part of the on-going education to hone their skills, deepen their love for God and serve the Lord with greater effectiveness. Both the library and the weekly chapel services in the college are made available to the alumni, especially the ones residing in Singapore, so that they can stay connected to the college and be refreshed and renewed spiritually and emotionally. For the alumni overseas, faculty from the different schools will visit them and may offer seminars and workshops to bless them.


Alumni Facts

We have 3101 alumni whose ages range from late 20s to 80s, and who serve or live in Singapore, Malaysia (East and West), Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Myanmar and beyond.

Our alumni are graduates holding Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor degree, Master degree and Post graduate degree from the School of Theology, English and Chinese, School of Church Music and School of Counselling. They represent a wide spectrum of denominations, Anglican, Assemblies of God,  Brethren, Methodist, Presbyterian and other Independent churches.