Student Affairs Domain

The Student Affairs Domain seeks to serve students through providing resources to help them navigate College life and at the same time facilitate holistic growth.

The Student Affairs (SA) Domain  welcomes you to the family of Singapore Bible College. We exist :

To encourage a loving and worshipful community life on campus through planned quality corporate worship and related activities that enrich campus community life, cultural awareness, physical development and campus diversity.

To create an optimal environment and maximal learning opportunities for the student to experience institutional decision-making and develop leadership skills through serving in the Student Council, fellowship groups and service committees.

To provide pastoral care and advice as well as counselling and testing services so as to promote personal, family, social and professional development.

To assist and advise international students as they adjust to a new culture.

To maintain a level of discipline which ensures biblical standards are being upheld and that the students develop in integrity and Christlikeness.

The SA Domain Team

Rev. Dr. Grace Tan

Vice Principal
(Student Affairs Domain)

Ms Loo Siew Teng

Student Formation Staff

Loo Ke Rau

Student Services Staff

Our Service

Three areas of responsibilities help to achieve the mission of Student Affairs Domain:

  • Chaplaincy
  • Campus Life
  • Student Council


The Chaplain oversees two aspects :

  • *Pastoral Care to Student on Campus
  • *Pastoral Care to Student doing online lessons overseas and E-Learning students (E-Chaplain)

Pastoral care for students involve three services: 

The Chaplain provides pastoral care, counseling and spiritual guidance to students and their family members.

The Chaplain acts as a channel to advise and connect graduating students to local as well as overseas ministry opportunities.

The Chaplain walks with the graduating students as they transit into their first year of ministry.

The Chaplain connects the graduating students with the College by introducing them to the care of the alumni committee.

Besides daily chapel, the Chaplain plans the Spiritual Emphasis Week, Day of Prayer, Thanksgiving, Maundy Thursday and College Day Retreat to facilitate corporate worship. The goal is to promote worship and spiritual development of the SBC community.

Campus Life

Campus Life consists of six aspects:

1. New Student Arrival and Orientation

Organizes new student orientation to align them to the mission and fundamentals of SBC and prepare them to be holistically trained in the formal, non-formal and informal dimensions.

Provides information and advice to help students anticipate and appreciate the multi-cultural setting of SBC where diversity is encouraged and thus learn to respect differences, take responsibility for their actions and exercise love and initiative.

2. Student Housing

Assists international students who are single and those married without children with on-campus housing and suggests off-campus housing options for international students who come with family and small children.

3. Dormitory Life

Facilitates personal growth spiritually, socially, emotionally, and culturally
in the dormitory through:

  • Encouraging participation in spiritual disciplines, social activities and talks relevant to student life.
  • Formulating and enforcing policies related to students dormitory living with reference to the Student Handbook so as to foster a Christian standard of conduct in the dormitories.
  • Providing pastoral care in the dormitory to promote an enjoyable and meaningful dormitory stay.

4. Financial Advising

Provides financial advice to students who encounter unforeseen circumstances during studies.

5. International Students


The International Student Service serves the students in two areas:

  • Cultural Adjustment
    Advises and assists international students in their adjustment to the new culture and campus diversity.
  • Hospitalisation and Accident Insurance
    All international students are required to participate in the Group Hospital & Surgical Insurance. This requirement applies also to any member of their family who remains with them during the students’ stay in Singapore. SFO assists international students in the purchase of Hospitalisation and Accident Insurance and claimant if any.


Organizes an English and a Mandarin speaking fellowship group for the wives of international students:

  • To foster mutual support and friendship between international families
    and couples at SBC
  • To prepare and equip wives to be competent servants alongside their
    husbands in ministry
  • To provide pastoral care and mentorship for the wives of seminarians


Ensures that each international student is cared for by a community of his or her country of origin and to foster community life, fellowship and smooth cultural adjustment to their new environment through:

  • Organizing orientation events for different international students
  • Facilitating get-together fellowship to pray with one another and also to learn more about what God is doing among their own people
  • Encouraging different ways to connect as a community

6. Spiritual Life (Campus level)

Encourage Christlikeness at SBC by creating a conducive environment and providing opportunities for worship, community and discipleship through three main emphases:


The Devotional Life office encourages and creates the environment or opportunity for students to be more intentional in their personal walk with Christ.



Encouraging students’ personal growth and development by facilitating the annual use of Student Personal Development File to guide students to reflect on their personal, spiritual and emotional growth and realign themselves once again to their calling to be ministers of God’s word.



Creates an environment or context to allow each student to belong to a community for sharing, intercession, and fellowship to foster spiritual growth and maturity.

Student Council

The Student Council functions as a bridge between the College and the student body, serving as a channel for communication and feedback between the College and the student body and working with the College leadership to fulfill SBC’s mission and fundamentals.

The various Student Council positions are :

  • Chairman 
  • Vice-Chairman 
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Spiritual Life Committee 
  • Food Committee
  • Dormitory Life Committee
  • Blessing Bazaar Committee
  • Sports & Community Committee
  • Logistics Committee