Community Living

SBC provides formal, non-formal and informal training. 

Non-formal: Learning and Growing Outside the Classroom

These are planned, outside-classroom activities to facilitate personal and group worship, listening and fellowship. The goal of these activities is to promote the students’ relationship with God and with one another, so that they may embody the truth and love of the Gospel in life and service.

Participation at College events is part of a student’s holistic theological training to inculcate personal accountability and responsibility. All full-time students are required to participate in all of the above-mentioned events as well as in any other special event where attendance is mandatory. All part-time students are only required to attend:

1. Opening Chapel & College Day Retreat (to build relationship among students, faculty and staff)
2. Day of Prayer (for corporate worship)
3. Daily Chapels if your lessons fall immediately before or after chapels (for corporate worship)
4. PCG & PCG Retreats (for fellowship)

Students who take night-only or interterm-only classes are exempted from attending the usual college events except special events where mandatory attendance is required by their Acadamic Dean.

Informal: Learning and Growing in Daily Life

Informal training takes place in a student’s personal reflection of his or her learning experiences, in friendships and in cross-cultural interactions within the SBC community. There are many facilities available for informal training to take place.


Prayer Rooms in various sizes are provided for group or personal devotion/prayer within the campus.

Communal meals encourage students to serve one another and promote interaction among students of different nationalities. This is also a place to exercise leadership, teamwork and servanthood as students participate in canteen duties.

Oasis is a place where students can relax and mingle around. It is also a place where students can have their group discussion or doing assignments and gatherings.

There are some other areas within the campus where students can share, pray and support each other.
Students can play sports like table tennis, basketball, badminton, and volleyball on campus.