Community Living

SBC provides formal, non-formal and informal training. Informal training takes place in a student’s personal reflection of his learning experience, in friendships and in cross-cultural interactions within the SBC community. There are many facilities available for informal training to take place.


Prayer Rooms

Prayer Rooms in various sizes are provided for group or personal devotion/prayer within the campus.


Communal meals encourage students to serve one another and promote interaction among students of different nationalities. This is also a place to exercise leadership, teamwork and servanthood as students participate in canteen duties.


Oasis is a place where students can relax and mingle around. It is also a place where students can have their group discussion or doing assignments and gatherings.

Spaces for Relaxation & Discussion

There are some other areas within the campus where students can share, pray and support each other.

Sports & Recreation

Students can play sports like table tennis, basketball, badminton, and volleyball on campus.