Special Admission

Special student status only applies to students who are attending classes but are not taking any diploma or degree programme offered by the College.

Entrance Requirements:

  1. Only five kinds of applicants will be considered for special admissions:
  • Pastors (including SBC alumni) recommended by their churches to take certain courses for their church ministry. Typically, pastors on sabbatical leave may apply to attend courses as special students for a semester or two.
  • Staff of churches, missions organisations and para-church organisations who are recommended to attend certain courses for the ministry of that organisation.
  • Missionaries on furlough may be allowed to attend just certain portions of a course as long as they benefit from the course if their furlough schedules do not fit our semester schedule.
  • Students of other seminaries that are recommended by their educational institution to attend certain courses to fulfil credits required to complete the programme.
  • Spouses of SBC full-time students.
  1. Applicants enrolled into the courses are to abide by the Academic Policy and Guidelines set by the respective schools.
  1. Applicants will have to register and make payment for the Library Membership Fee in order to use the library facilities.

Transfer of Credits

  1. Special students can transfer a maximum of 12 credits taken that does not exceed one-third of the total credits of any programme. Students from the DMin programme are allowed to transfer one module into the DMin programme.
  1. The request is subject to the Dean’s approval based on transfer credits guidelines. Courses applied for transfer credits must hold a minimum B grade or higher.
  1. Special students from the School of Theology Chinese are not allowed to transfer credits taken as a Special Student into any of the main programmes.

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