Certificate for Church Ministry (CCM)

As part of the college’s ongoing commitment to meet the growing need for lay leaders to be equipped with the necessary ethos and skills to minister effectively in church, CSL will be launching the Certificate of Church Ministry (CCM) initiative.

CCM is an evolution of our current Centre for Continuing Theological Education (CCTE), and it aims to provide knowledge, skill and attitude that are contextually relevant to church ministries today. Church ministry leaders who are seeking to deepen and strengthen their level of preparedness can expect CCM courses to be church-oriented as they will be conducted by seasoned practitioner-theologians, who are actively engaged in churches/para-church organizations or are current Faculty members.

Programme Overview

  1. The CCM will be a semester-based programme of 12 weeks, conducted in the evening or weekend classes (2 hrs each session).  
  2. It will be for Audit-only (readings and assignments will be given, but not compulsory).
  3. Students will be required to complete four modules (3 core modules and 1 elective module) to graduate.
Module / ThemeType of ModuleBrief Description
Module 1:
Core (Compulsory)e.g. Using the Bible in Ministry
(covering Hermeneutics, Scripture handling skills, etc.)
Module 2:
e.g. Integrative Theology and Missiology
(covering Missiological Perspectives of church ministry, etc.)
Module 3:
e.g. Systematic Theology & Ministry
(covering Christology & its impact on ministry)
Module 4:
ElectiveDifferent electives will be offered, e.g.
1. Leading worship teams
2. Lay counselling
3. Lay Preaching
4. Apologetics
5. Christian Leadership
6. Etc.
  1. There will be two to three modules available in each semester. Hence, based on the pace of one module per semester, students will be able to graduate with the CCM in two years. The detail syllabus of the respective modules will be provided at a later date.
  2. Students who complete the programme will receive a certificate and attend a graduation ceremony.