Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical and Theological Studies

Designed to equip pastors and theological educators with skills in critical thinking and advanced research that contribute to new knowledge, so as to enhance their ability to serve the church through academic excellence and contextual relevance.

Why SBC? Our distinctiveness

Partial residency, Hyflex, Digital Theological Library, …

Full-time studies only

Field of study:

  • Biblical Theology
    • Emphasis in Old Testament
    • Emphasis in New Testament
  • Theology
  • Practical Theology, see DMin web page for details


Entrance Requirements

  • Accredited MDiv, MA (in Biblical or Theological Studies) or equivalent, GPA ≥ 3.5
  • Entrance exams:
    • English proficiency: IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL iBT 80 or pass an English reading exam
    • Biblical Studies: demonstrate competency in Greek or Hebrew
    • Theological Studies: demonstrate competency in theological thinking
  • Submit a research paper (related to intended area of study) that demonstrates a high level of research and writing competency
  • All accepted applicants will be enrolled into a PhD preparatory program (1-2 semesters) in which they must pass their research proposal and fulfill other bridging courses (if required) with GPA ≥ 3.5
  • Applicants without a ThM or DMin degree will be enrolled into the ThM program. Those with GPA ≥ 3.5 for the first two semesters of ThM may seek approval to proceed to the PhD preparatory program

Graduation Requirements

  • Present a research paper at an academic conference
  • Have a journal article accepted for publication
  • Pass comprehensive exams
  • Submit an approved dissertation (around 80,000 words) and successfully defend it in an oral examination that:
    • contributes new knowledge in the field of study
    • demonstrates contextual theological reflections of the knowledge
  • Demonstrate Christian character and spiritual maturity

Applicants may contact the Dean of Advanced Studies (between Aug to Oct) to propose their research topic for a preliminary discussion. Please submit a two-page proposal that states your research topic, research question, justification for research, research methodology, and intended outcome, and a one-page preliminary bibliography to the Dean (email:

If there is a faculty member whose research interest is a potential fit with the applicant’s topic, the Dean shall give consent (by mid Nov) for the applicant to proceed with submitting the full set of application (see closing date).

PhD Preparatory Program

  • 1–2 semesters as required
Semester 1 Credit Hours
Dissertation proposal (due early Oct) 6
Special Lecture & Reading Club* -


Semester 1 Credit Hours Semester 2 Credit Hours
Research Workshops 0.5 -
Bridging Course 1 6 Bridging Course 2 6
Readings Course 1 3 Readings Course 2 3
Proposal Research & Writing 3 Dissertation proposal (due early April) 3
Special Lecture & Reading Club* - Special Lecture & Reading Club* -

* Reading Clubs: Hebrew, Greek, or Theology

PhD in Biblical Theology and Theology

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Dissertation research & writing / Research Workshops Sem 1 / Pedagogical Practices Sem 2–6
Audit cross-disciplinary courses - -
Readings Courses 3 & 4 (comprehensive exam), Sem 2 & 4 Oral exam and revision
Present research paper at academic conference, submit article for journal publication Acceptance of research article by journal for publication
Special Lecture & Reading Club*

* Reading Clubs: Hebrew, Greek, or Theology

Scholarship Opportunities for PhD Studies

Faculty Mentors in the PhD Programme

Please see their research interests on their respective faculty webpage.
Those marked with red can mentor research in Chinese and English.



Dr. Chee-Chiew Lee
Senior Dean, Programme Development
Dean, Advanced Studies


Dr. Peter Ho

Associate Dean
Director, Centre for Teaching & Learning
Associate Professor

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Samuel Goh

Adjunct Faculty (Biblical Studies)
Brisbane School of Theology



Dr. Timothy Kao

Adjunct Faculty (Biblical Studies)
Independent Bible Scholar/Minister

Dr. Andrew Loke

Adjunct Faculty (Theological Studies)
Associate Professor
Hong Kong Baptist University

Blended Learning at SBC

At SBC, we seek to build up our community through blended learning: designing synchronous and asynchronous learning activities using both physical and online platforms. Students may expect to be enriched with a variety of face-to-face and online learning experiences during their studies at SBC.