Doctor of Ministry

Jesus told Peter to “shepherd my sheep.” This sounds simple, but we live in a complex world of competing ideas on how to shepherd God’s flock. Caring for others in the twenty-first century as a Christian leader is increasingly challenging, so SBC seeks to sharpen each leader’s skills with the highest professional ministry degree – the Doctor of Ministry (DMin).


In line with our overall goal, the College launched this programme in 1999. We offer biblically-based courses that integrate theology with ministry. This cost-effective programme includes Asian and Western input for ministry in the local context. The programme aims to enhance full-time workers in their personal and ministerial development in the following areas:

  • Theological reflection and spiritual renewal
  • Pastoral duties and counselling
  • Preaching and teaching
  • Leadership and mentoring

Prerequisites for Programme Admission

Entrance Requirements

  • M.Div. or equivalent, with a B+ grade or a minimum 3.3 GPA
  • Minimum five years of full-time ministry experience, three of which are in the same environment
  • Minimum TOEFL score of 213 points for the computer-based test (or 550 points for the paper-based test) or equivalent
  • Proven Christian character and performance

Module Requirements

  • Pre-course readings of 3000 pages plus a reading report
  • On-site classroom seminar of 40 hours for participation and presentation
  • Post-course project or paper of about 40 pages

Graduation Requirements

  • Completion of seven modules with a grade of B- or better
  • Cumulative 3.0 GPA
  • Satisfactory writing and oral defence of a dissertation of at least 50,000 words (200 pages)
  • Approved character, spiritual development and ministry commitment

Module Subjects

All D.Min. students must complete the entire seven-module programme and dissertation within five years. Classes are held annually in May and November unless otherwise specified. The modules to be offered by the school include the following areas:

  • Character Development of the Leader
  • Communication Skills
  • Church Growth, Renewal and Missions
  • Counselling
  • Contemporary Issues in Ministry
  • Culture and Contextualization

English Modules

22-26 July 1999Advanced PreachingDr Don Sunukjian
6-10 Dec 1999Pastoral Leadership & Ministries for the 21st CenturyDr Luis Pantoja
2-7 July 2000Biblical DiscipleshipDr Michael J. Wilkins
20-24 November 2000Ministry Related ResearchDr Michael Green
2-6 July 2001Emotional Health of a PastorDr Danny Goh
3-7 December 2001Missions for the New MillenniumDr Titus Loong
18-22 November 2002Spiritual Formation RetreatDr David G. Benner
16-20 June 2003Leading the Church in the 21st CenturyDr Gary Choong
17-21 November 2003Mark 13: Is the 21st Century Any Different from the 1st Century?Rev David Wong
7-11 June 2004Renewing the Church for MissionDr Howard A. Snyder
22-26 November 2004Pastoral Management of Psycho-related ConditionsDr Mak Ki Yan;
Dr Frendi Li
4-8 July 2005Research & WritingDr John Yuen
21-25 November 2005Mentoring RelationshipsDr Florence Tan
27 Nov -1 Dec 2006Advanced PreachingDr Don Sunukjian
28 May- 1 June 2007Global Missions by the Globalized ChurchDr Michael Pocock
12-16 November 2007Worship in the Bible and Worship TodayDr Ronald Allen
10-13 June 2008Elders and LeadersDr Gene Getz
17-21 November 2008Christian Ethics in a
Multicultural World
Dr Gee Lowe
18-22 May 2009Ministry Related ResearchDr Ng Han Lim
16-20 November 2009Emotional Health of a PastorDr Theresa Tisdale
3-7 May 2010Peacemaking and ReconciliationPeacemaker Ministries

16-20 May 2011Pastoral CounselingDr Linda Bubod
14-18 November 2011Advanced PreachingDr Steve Newman
20 April – 4 May 2012One Size Doesn’t Fil AllDr Gary L. McIntosh
26-30 November 2012Deepening the Church Through Intentional DiscipleshipRev Edmund Chan
27-31 May 2013Ministry Related Research & WritingDr Ng Han Lim
11-15 November 2013The Centrality of WorshipDr Ron Sheveland
5-9 May 2014Preaching the Literary Genres of the BibleDr Desmond Soh
19-23 May 2014Developing Leadership Through Mentoring and CoachingDr Kenneth Horotn;
Rev Ron Horotn
27-31 October 2014Evangelism and AssimilationDr Gary McIntosh
27-31 October 2014Urban MinistryDr Alan McMahan
27 April – 1 May 2015Make It ClearDr Stanley Ponz
4-8 May 2015Ministry Related Research and WritingDr Rick Griffith;
Sng Bee Bee
26-30 October 2015Church Planting for the 21st CenturyDr Ray Chang
2-6 November 2015Biblical CounsellingDr Karl Elkins
14-18 March 2016Preaching, Persuasion and LeadershipDr Jeffrey Arthurs
25-29 April 2016Ministry Related Research and WritingDr Rick Griffith;
Dr Sng Bee Bee
24-28 October 2016Leading Change & Conflict ResolutionDr Alan McMahan
31 October-4 November 2016Developing Leadership through Mentoring and CoachingDr Kennth Horton;
Rev Ron Horton
24-28 April 2017Essentials of Church TransformationDr Gordon Penfold
1-5 May 2017Ministry Related and Research WritingDr Sng Bee Bee;
Dr Rick Griffith
30 October – 3 November 2017Biblical WorshipDr Ron Man
6-10 November 2017A Vision for PreachingDr Abraham Kuruvilla

23-27 April 2018Ministry Related and Research WritingDr Rick Griffith;
Dr Sng Bee Bee
30 April – 4 May 2018Character Issues in MinistryDr Linda Bubod
29 Oct-2 Nov 2018Church GrowthDr Alan McMahan
5-9 November 2018Preaching the Literary Genres of the BibleDr Desmond Soh