Our Faculty Members

Our multicultural faculty with adjunct and affiliate professors is composed of more than 50 members. They are multinational and represent most of the denominational and non-denominational churches in Protestant traditions.

The faculty of SBC are faithful servants of Jesus Christ who are committed to doing theology for the Church and the mission field. They uphold the biblical truth and worldview in training the faithful servant of Jesus Christ so as to foster Christian values and Christlike character in a loving and worshipful community of learners.

Each of them are equipped with expertise in various disciplines and ministerial experiences in different fields in the SEA region and beyond.

Many of our faculty are experienced pastors, dedicated missionaries, contextual practitioners, rigorous scholars, diligent writers, competent teachers and spiritual mentors who bring together intellectuality and spirituality, theories and practices, theology and missions, in a multicultural and pluralistic context.

We harness the giftedness and expertise of our faculty by offering a wide range of training programs in our four schools: The School of Theology (Chinese), the School of Theology (English), the School of Church Music (Bilingual) and the School of Counseling (English). While training pastors, missionaries, teachers, and musicians for the Church and mission field, we also equip counsellors to provide counselling support for this nation and beyond.

Educational Objectives

SBC is an evangelical institution which upholds biblical truth as the basis for the church ministries, evangelism for the lost and missions in the world. We are thus committed to provide theological education in order to produce:

Effective communicators of God’s Word who

  • are not only skilled expository preachers but also can proclaim the whole counsel of God through different means;
  • become future teachers and leaders for churches and seminaries in Asia.

Servant-Leaders who

  • are nurtured in a loving and worshipful community;
  • serve both the Church and society with sturdy Christian character and effective ministry skills.

Integrative thinkers who

  • are able to utilize the knowledge and skills acquired for holistic ministries to the Church and the mission field;
  • unify different disciplines, skills, experiences so as to effectively respond to pastoral challenges and socio-cultural realities.

Faculty Members

School of Theology (Chinese) 华文神学系


Dr. Chee-Chiew Lee
Senior Dean, Programme Development
Dean, Advanced Studies

Affiliate Faculty

School of Theology (English)

Dr. Peter Ho

Associate Dean
Director, Centre for Teaching & Learning
Associate Professor

Dr. Justin Joon Lee

Assistant Director, Helix Centre (English Section)
Assistant Professor

Affiliate Faculty

School of Church Music

School of Counselling

Dr. Linda M Bubod

(English Section)
Associate Professor

Dr. Mei-Chuan Chu

Associate Dean
(Chinese Section)
Assistant Professor