A Mission Continuity Plan?

Many organizations and businesses have been severely disrupted by the COVID-19 situation. Each of them have to work out a business continuity plan (BCP) to ensure that operations and functions continue despite the fluid and ever-changing circumstances. Out of deep concern, many SBC alumni and supporters have been asking me, Has SBC established any BCP for this challenging time? Yes—in fact, we have a few BCPs to counter various crises.


For the current crisis, my team has been working tirelessly day and night. They are paying attention to the details of our daily operations as new situations emerge and measures have to be updated. Leaders, directors and managers of each department and school have to respond quickly and make the best decision possible within a short frame of time. After weeks of striving hard together, I feel the fatigue growing in the team. How I wish I could do more to encourage my co-workers!


Yet, in this COVID-19 situation, we are convinced that there is something more important than ensuring that things run as smoothly as possible. It is the continuity of God’s mission in and through the College that matters most—to glorify God by training faithful servants of Jesus Christ to edify the church and to make disciples of all nations. God wants us to see a bigger picture in all our daily strivings amidst critical moments—we have 500 students from 27 nations learning and living together for the mission of God.


Our God has shown us his faithful providence in securing the SBC community with every gift from above. These gifts fulfil our needs, and God has never separated spiritual needs from physical ones. His provision, like manna, is both spiritual and physical. In the last few months, God has moved churches and individual Christians, both local and overseas, to provide the College with masks, sanitizers, thermometers, medical advice, financial aid, and more surprises.


Looking back, we can see that God has been preparing our community long before the current crisis. The College set up an IT Services department three years ago to upgrade our IT facilities for enhancing multiple teaching delivery systems. In light of the ongoing demands for social distancing, the College is ready to provide online courses with minimal classroom time.      


My dear friend of SBC, our faculty, staff and students are thankful for all the support you have given. We testify that God’s Mission Continuity Plan for SBC is evident through your generous, unceasing giving in the following areas:

  • the maintenance of the campus infrastructure that provides dormitory and teaching facilities to faculty and students
  • the scholarship and student aid funds that support hundreds of students from developing countries
  • the salaries for faculty that support qualified pastor-teachers and scholars to be trained as God’s faithful servants who think integrally, lead as servants, and share his word effectively


Please continue to pray and walk with us.