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Envisioning theological education for the next generation

God continues to work in and through SBC. We celebrate our platinum jubilee with the theme, “New Era, New Horizons”. We strongly believe that God, through his eternal Word, has been leading and shaping our community to envision the New Era of the post-pandemic world order as a New Horizon, enabling us to take on the formidable tasks ahead.

We are:

Celebrating and connecting with old and new additions to the SBC family

Remembering and reflecting on our heritage and relevance to this part of the world we have been called to equip, edify and evangelise

Sharing how SBC envisions the training of today’s disciple-makers for tomorrow’s church with God’s timeless truth


How does the College remain faithful to God’s mission after threescore and ten years? By the grace and mercy of God, and having like-minded people who are called to in this loving and worshipful community.

The ongoing global pandemic brought an abrupt halt to many things that we take for granted. Our faculty take stock of their engagement and service to and with the SBC community, the local churches and society at large.

Give Today, For Tomorrow

SBC is a a faith-based seminary and a registered charity entity. Since our inception, we have kept theological education accessible, applicable and affordable. Students receive heavily subsidised course rates and scholarships.

God makes this possible by your partnership in the work – the financial, volunteering and prayerful support of many well-wishers and donors. Over 50% of our annual operating costs are covered through love gifts which come from individuals, local churches and Christian organisations.

Thankfully, many have given generously for the students’ needs and the College’s infrastructural development. At least 75% of the annual expenditure of the College goes to the salaries and welfare of those who work behind the scenes–the faculty who teach students and the staff who run the College. Please pray for this need. We welcome believers with different gifts, knowledge and skills to join us as volunteers or interns.

Share your Blessings

Share a blessing, memory, or any other message in celebration of our 70th anniversary.

Join Us


In accordance with government updates on our Transition Phase to COVID-19 Resilience measures (With effect from 26 April 2022), we adopt the following guidelines for our celebration programmes:

Live Performances and Events

  • No capacity limit. All attendees must be fully vaccinated for events >500 attendees.
  • Performers or speakers may be unmasked, including live singing or playing of wind instruments.

Congregation & Worship Services

  • No capacity limit. All attendees must be fully vaccinated for events >500 attendees.
  • Performers or speakers may be unmasked, including live singing or playing of wind instruments.
  • Congregational singing is allowed, provided attendees are mask-on in line with indoor masking requirements.


Our Anniversary Logo

The eagle that rises up on its strong wings evokes Isaiah 40:28–31, where rejuvenation comes from waiting for the Lord. The sun as the source of light reflects how the Lord is the source of strength, power, and vision. The eagle and the sun together form the number 70 in recognition of the College’s anniversary. As people of God, we are urged to wait for our Lord, who will strengthen and empower us to fulfil his vision.


Old School, New Edge

The College resolute to excel in theological education, spiritual formation, character building, and ministry development in this new era in the post-pandemic world. As a community that embraces the God who creates new things (Isa 43:19), in responding to the growing Christian population in Asia, our horizons are broadened in five directions:

  1. Provide students with on-site and online modes of learning to facilitate theological education
  2. Enhance teaching and learning effectiveness both on-site and online
  3. Nurture servant-leaders for churches, parachurch organizations, and mission fields of tomorrow
  4. Capitalize on the strategic central location of the College and maximize land and space usage
  5. Raise pastor-scholars who contribute to theological education for this region and beyond