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Our multicultural faculty with adjunct and affiliate professors is composed of more than 50 members. They are multinational and represent most of the denominational and non-denominational churches in Protestant traditions.

Dr. Benjamin Wu

School of Theology (Chinese)

  • Associate Professor (Theological Studies)
  • Director of Master of Theology


  • PhD in Theology, University of Edinburgh (Scotland, UK)
  • MA in Christian Studies, Chung Yuen Christian University (Taiwan)
  • MA in History, National Taiwan University (Taiwan)
  • BA in History, National Taiwan University (Taiwan)

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Biographical Information 

Dr Wu joined Singapore Bible College in 2015, after he had taught in Alliance Bible Seminary (Hong Kong) and Taiwan Baptist Theological Seminary (Taipei). He is now an associate professor in the School of Theology (Chinese), teaching Church History, Systematic Theology, History of Doctrines, and Introduction to Methodology. He also serves as Director of ThM Programme, as well as supervises ThM research theses.

Dr Wu is the author of The Contextual Responses of Chinese Christians as Revealed in Life Journal and Truth Weekly (1919-1926). Recently he co-edited Christian Ethics: Reflections and Practice. Dr Wu also has several articles published in Jian Dao and Taiwan Baptist Theological Seminary Annual Bulletin.

Dr Wu is an elder in his home church. His wife Emily and he have two young sons. Together they worship in International Baptist Church.

  • Church History
  • Introduction to Christianity in Asia
  • Introduction to Theology
  • History of Christian Doctrines
  • Systematic Theology
  • Introduction to Methodology
  • Church History
  • Systematic Theology
  • History of Doctrines
  • Sunday Worship Services
  • Seminars
  • Adult Sunday School Series
  • Bible Study
Journal Articles
  • 〈另一位马丁:协调争议、追求和睦的布塞珥〉,《浸神学刊》15(2017):5–28。
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  • 〈再思长老职分──一个历史神学式的考察〉,《建道学刊》40(2013):55–82


  • 〈「神圣启示」观照下的「人类历史」─—巴特论历史〉,郭清容编,《辨识历史──时机˙终末˙神学家》(香港,德慧文化,2019),153–202。
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Book Reviews
  • 〈书评:《仄径舛途》〉,《山道期刊》37(2016),202–6。
  • 〈书评:How God Became King: The Forgotten Story of the Gospels〉,《浸神学刊》12(2014):231–35。


Conference Presentation
  • 〈《上帝之城》卷15至18中的歷史觀〉,發表於「神學人團契」(台北),2019年6月6日。


  • 〈当批判实在论遇上基督信仰〉,《校园》59:6(2017):12–19。
  • 黄志伦、吴国安和李志秋编,《伦理之情・牧者之怀》,新加坡神学院65周年纪念文集(新加坡:新加坡神学院出版部,2017)。
  • 〈沙勿略的宣教〉,《嘉声》258(2016)。
  • 弗格森,《基督教神学:21世纪的挑战》,曾千芬、杨顺从、施文蓓、宋言今瑄、宋宇哲译,吴国安总校译(台南:南神出版社,2015)。
  • 〈使徒信经〉,系列一至六,《远东双月刊》138–143(2015)。
  • 〈短评:宣教士的文化指南──爱的真谛〉,《校园》57:2(2015):44
  • 〈撒狄教会〉,《圣经报》,复刊51(2014):16–18。
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  • 《中国基督徒对时代的回应(1919–1926)──以生命月刊和真理周刊为中心的探讨》(香港:建道神学院,2000)。

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